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Why Does Roof Slope Matter?

While most homeowners are not involved in determining their home's roof slope, understanding the structure permits smart maintenance decisions.

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2 Most Common Roof Types in Venice

if you have a home in a non-deed restricted community or are designing a custom property, you may have the opportunity to choose between several roof types.

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Finish Your Roofing Project Before May 2020

Experts agree that the best time to complete a roofing project is before the heat and rainfall of a Sarasota summer arrive.

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Popular Venice Area Neighborhoods

Kingdom Roofing is a family of general contractors who have provided quality roofing to the many diverse Venice area neighborhoods for decades.

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Online Reviews Drive Roofing Consumer Behavior

How can a roofing consumer find the right professional for the job, and have the confidence that they have made the right choice? Online reviews are a great source.

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Environmentally Friendly and Green Roofing Materials

As Venice roofing experts, we are often we are asked about the existence of green roofing materials, and the process of installing an eco-friendly roof.

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Does Roofing Affect Curb Appeal?

An ugly roof can deter from the overall look of your home. But how much does it really affect your curb appeal - and should you worry?

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Maintenance is Key to Long Roof Life

Regardless of the materials which you choose for your roof, the key to long roof life doesn't lie in the material - but in how well you maintain it.

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Preventing Roof Algae on Venice Roofing

If you are a homeowner in the Venice and Sarasota area, you should be concerned about preventing roof algae and moss from accumulating over the years.

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Protect your Roof from Sun Damage

The roofing materials utilized in Venice are becoming more resistant to sun damage. Your roof can protect your home even during the most brutal months.

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