Winter in Venice and Sarasota (such as it is) will be wrapping up in just a few short weeks, and we will be moving towards spring and summer again before we know it. For many of us, that means tackling the home improvement and home maintenance projects that have piled up – before the heat of the summer gets here and makes those jobs miserable! This is especially true for those of you who have a roofing project to complete. As a professional local roofing contractor, we recommend that you take care of that roof issue before May of 2020!

Venice roofing contractor

Why before May? There are many reasons why you should ensure that your roof is in its best condition before the spring is over  – some you may not have considered. Here are a few considerations for you, derived from years of experience in the roofing industry.

Some of these tasks you can likely accomplish on your own, while others are likely to require hiring a licensed and insured roofer to do the work. No matter who does the work, here is why winter or spring are best for these particular projects.

It’s Hot: Getting up on the roof is bound to be hot. And although you may not mind this if you hire someone, it is entirely different when you are up there. So whether clearing off debris which has accumulated, or checking for any minor repairs that need to be done, take advantage of the milder temperatures. After all, direct sun on asphalt or clay can get a bit warm.

It’s Going to Start Raining: Florida’s rainy season sets in anywhere between late April and early May. Once the rain starts coming down, it is far more difficult to work on roofing. And although it only rains for short spurts, most roofing projects require the roof to be completely dry. Because of this, jobs can be delayed or take longer than originally planned once the rainy season starts.

Many residents think that they can just wait until it starts raining to determine if their roof is leaking. Here’s something to remember – the first major rainstorms reveal a lot of leaky roofs across the region. You may find yourself at the bottom of a very long waiting list should you delay your roofing project until after the season begins.

Hurricane Season Matters: Living here in Venice means we accept the risk of a hurricane landing on our homes. But far more likely than “the big one” taking off your roof is that you will be affected by the storm bands, tornados, and spin-off storms that can affect large swaths of the state, regardless of the hurricane’s path. No matter the level of damage your roof sustains, you will be in competition for both labor and materials should a major storm hit. Suppliers literally ran out of roofing tiles after the 2004-2005 hurricane season, causing many to live with a roof tarp for months and months. While you can’t prevent a hurricane taking off your roof, an ill-maintained roof can suffer unnecessary damage if you haven’t fixed the minor problems and vulnerabilities before a storm.

You Can Save Insurance on Premiums: Windstorm insurance is a necessity and a requirement for all area homeowners, but those with a new roof – or those who can prove a roof with hurricane-grade construction – can get lower insurance premiums overall. So tackle that roofing problem before the onset of hurricane season (June 1), and then alert your insurance carrier of your improvements.

The fact is, the best time to complete a roofing project is always as soon as you discover a problem. But if you have been putting off roof maintenance or a new roof installation, call Kingdom Roofing today. We will help you to be ready for the heat, the storms, the wind and rain – and to keep your home safe and dry.