When you purchase a Sarasota or Venice home in a planned or HOA community, you typically don’t have a choice as to the type of roofing which is installed on your home. In order to  maintain conformity and the aesthetics of the neighborhood, homes are the same style and may only different in color of roofing tile. However, if you have a custom home, a home in a non-deed restricted neighborhood, or a historic property, you may have the opportunity to choose between several roof types.

Here are the 2 most common roof types you may hear of, and why they may work for you.

common roof types

Gable Roof

The gable roof is the most common of the roof types across the United States. Also called a pitched or peaked roof, its defining characteristic is its triangular shape. Looking at the home from the street, you will see two sloped sides of a roof which meet in the middle, forming a peak. Gable roofing can be built with any one of the traditional roofing materials – asphalt shingle, clay tile or metal being the three most common in this region.

The peaked design allows the gable roof to shed the copious amounts of rain which will run down its slope.
The triangle shape will also form extra space for an attic or storage area, which is often lacking in a Florida home. This style allows for dramatic vaulted ceilings inside, which is a feature homeowners love. Additionally, the space permits adding more ventilation to the home, a key benefit in our hot and humid climate.

To its detriment, a gable roof is susceptible to “uplift” during major storms, tropical storms or hurricanes, The wind can literally swirl around the base of the home and push up on the roof, allowing portions of the roof to be forcibly removed. Therefore it is considered only “average” in being able to withstand our weather.

Hip Roof

The hip roof is comprised of four distinct sides, each with a low slope. The four sides are of equal length and they meet at the peak of the roof, forming what is known as a ridge. Unlike a gable roof, there is no triangle in the middle. From the street, an observer would note a gently sloped roof on top of the structure. Similar to a gable roofing, a hip roof can be constructed with any common roofing material, and the style can be modified from its standard shape to accommodate the sections of the home.

The main reason homeowners opt for a hip roof over a gable roof is due to the increased stability it offers. The lower slope of this roof makes it much more resistant to high winds, which is understandably attractive in the South Florida coastal region. Hip roofs, however, are more expensive to build, and can be more difficult to maintain. Every seam which exists on any of the roof types represents an opportunity for leaking or cracking materials; therefore the more seams, the more to maintain.

No matter which roof you choose, it is important that you hire a licensed and insured roofing contractor to handle the construction. Although a roof is important for every home, in Venice you need to make sure that the roof can withstand severe weather, high winds and strong UV rays. There are extensive hurricane codes which stipulate how the roof structure must be built as well.

At Kingdom Roofing, we understand that a roof project can seem overwhelming. But our professional team is here to explain your options, discuss your budget, and work out the best solution for you.