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Repairing Damaged Soffits and Fascia

Roofing materials get most of the attention when we talk about roof repair, but soffits and fascia are also often in need of maintenance.

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How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights from Your Roof

It is time to hang holiday lights on the house, but how can you participate in the yearly tradition without damaging the roof or gutters?

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Damage Originating Under the Roofing Structure

Roof deterioration may be occuring right now, but out of sight. Damage originating under the roof surface may be undetected until your property is at risk.

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Roofing FAQs – What Everyone Wants to Know

To help customers maintain a healthy roof, Kingdom Roofing of Venice provides roofing FAQs (frequently asked questions) and the answers you need to know.

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How is Your Roof Support?

If you are looking at making changes to your roof, you will want to find out if your current roof support is sufficient to effectively protect your home.

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Roof Insurance Claims

If your roof has sustained damage, will your home insurance policy will cover the costs? Here is the information you need regarding roof insurance claims.

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Roofing Damage You Can See From the Ground

Walk around your home every couple of weeks and simply look up - you may be able to spot warning signs of trouble, before too much roofing damage is done.

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Interesting Facts About Roofing History

For as long as there have been humans, we have been building shelters. Here is insight into little known roofing history - the interesting and the useful.

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Fall Roofing Concerns – Advice for the Season

Fall is your opportunity to do some much-needed home repair - and fall roofing concerns are among those you should put on your list of home maintenance.

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DIY Roofing Fails

Saving money inspires most DIY roofing projects. But often the homeowner ends up paying more to fix mistakes than the original repair would have cost.

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