Investing in a solar roof is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and even help you save on your monthly energy bills. There are two types of solar roofing that come to mind — traditional and integrated. While the former involves the bulky look of solar panels mounted on top of your roof, the latter offers better curb appeal, provides greater roof protection and is easier to install.

Integrated Solar Roofing

Kingdom Roofing, known for reliable roof repair services, shares the benefits of integrated solar roofing.

Easy Installation

Standard solar panels are typically mounted onto the roof and may require fasteners to be drilled into the roof surface itself. An integrated solar roofing system is different as it fastens directly onto the roof deck. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient home while also maintaining your roof’s structural integrity and stability.

Cleaner, Low-Profile Appearance

Did you know that your roof comprises nearly 40% of your home’s exterior? If you opt for traditional solar roofing, you risk making your home an eyesore with the large, bulky solar panels perched on top of it. To enjoy the benefits of solar power without compromising your home’s curb appeal, consider installing an integrated solar roof. It is expertly manufactured to fit directly onto the shingles of your roof. Thanks to the cleaner, low-profile look, you can make your house energy-efficient while preserving the beauty of your home.

Better Pest Protection

Small critters like squirrels and raccoons often hide or crawl around mounted solar panels. The underside of these panels also serve as prime real estate for birds to build their nests. This can be a big problem, especially because these animals can cause damage to the panels and your roof. The presence of these animals taking shelter underneath the panels can also reduce the airflow, causing the panels to overheat. This, in turn, leads to a significant decrease in their energy yield. To avoid problems involving pests and birds, your roofing contractor may recommend integrated solar roofing instead.

Increased Home Value

Many potential homebuyers are looking for homes with energy-efficient features. If you’re planning to list your property soon, having solar panels can be a major selling factor, which can increase your home’s value. Since an integrated solar roofing system offers a lower profile, it’s a great choice over the typical bulky solar panels.

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