Regardless of slope, style and material, your roof requires routine maintenance. A proactive approach toward this part of your building will help it last longer. Proper care ensures that your roof is ready to withstand harsh weather conditions and outdoor elements. Maintenance can also help delay the need for a roofing replacement. With a strong roofing system, you also avoid disruptions to your business.

Best Care Practices for Commercial Roofs

Here are some of the best care practices for commercial roofing systems.

Keep a Roofing Record

You must gather records of everything done on your roof. As a property owner or manager, you must know the roof’s age, size and material. Have you previously hired a professional for roof repair services? You should be aware of the roof’s repair and maintenance history. Keep all the documents pertaining to your roof in a safe and accessible place.

Your roofing records must also include guarantees, warranties and upgrades or alterations to rooftop equipment. It is important that you have a detailed roof plan specifying the drainage system, thermal insulation type, perimeter edge conditions, and the size and placement of mechanical equipment. Keep records of jobs performed on other fixtures like heating and cooling systems.

Work With a Dependable Professional

With the help of an experienced contractor, your roof will remain in optimal condition. You want to work with local professionals because they can respond to your needs faster. It is easier to contact them in case you need emergency roof repair services.

To create a list of potential contractors, ask for referrals from your friends, family and colleagues. Another option is to go online and look up local roofing companies. Experts recommend getting at least three quotes from different contractors. Fortunately, many roofers provide free assessments and estimates. Obtaining them will give you an idea of the pricing in your area and help you avoid being overcharged for the services you need.

Always be careful of an estimate that is significantly lower than others. It could be tempting to hire a roofer with the lowest bid. Consider the experience, expertise and certifications of a roofing contractor before hiring them. You can also speak to a local building inspector because they likely know which companies consistently meet code requirements. Do background checks, read reviews, ask for references and check portfolios.

Schedule Routine Inspections

One of the best ways to keep track of your roof’s condition is to have regular inspections. These can help detect minor issues before they become costly expenses. Finding damage and dealing with it promptly can help prolong the life of your commercial roofing system. Schedule inspections at least twice a year and after any extreme weather in your area.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends professional roof inspections during the warmest and coldest months of the year. When you know the condition of your roof, you can prepare for when it needs a replacement.

Get Regular Maintenance

Thanks to regular maintenance, you may delay the need for a roofing replacement. Keep in mind that jobs involving the roof are always best handled by professionals. They have the appropriate tools and know the proper techniques to do the job right the first time.

The likelihood of roof damage increases when an untrained person attempts to work on your roof. Aside from the materials, you would also have to pay for a professional to correct someone else’s mistakes. You will save more in the long run by hiring an experienced roofer for maintenance and repairs.

Moreover, maintenance helps prevent roofing issues even before they occur. Avoiding leaks means improving the safety of your building. If your roof has leaks, you may need to use buckets for the dripping water while waiting for a professional to make repairs. These buckets and containers filled with water can cause obstructions in your hallways and lead to accidents and injuries.

Address Repairs Immediately

The longer you delay addressing roofing problems, the worse they will become. Over time, a minor issue can evolve into leaks that can cause serious damage. Once water enters your building, your essential and expensive equipment will be at risk of damage.

Leaks can also compromise your electrical systems and cause poor indoor air quality. They can cause disruptions in your business, resulting in a loss of income. With holes and cracks on your roof, your HVAC system will work harder. The added load will strain its system components, increasing the chances of malfunctions and early failure.

Save money and yourself from these inconveniences by dealing with roofing issues early. Your contractor will know if your warranty covers specific problems. A professional can tell whether it’s worth filing a claim if the damage occurred after a storm.

Make Your Roof Accessible to Professionals

Your contractor will find it difficult to perform maintenance or repair work if your roof is inaccessible. A roofing system that is difficult to access might not get the care it needs. Consider investing in ladders, crossovers and steps for your roof’s safety and accessibility.

While accessibility is essential, you should control who can enter your roof. You must be aware of all the jobs performed by personnel or staff maintaining mechanical equipment. Create a policy on the specific people allowed to access the roof. Keep a record of the date, time, duration and purpose of the rooftop visits.

A reliable roofing contractor can help protect your investment. At Kingdom Roofing, we are committed to delivering top-quality roofing services. If you are also interested in solar roofing, we can share more information about its benefits. Call us at (941) 217-2411 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate.