Like many major home improvement projects, a roof replacement requires you to prepare for a potential worst-case scenario. As you determine the budget for it, you have to consider the potential of hidden roof damage that your roofer may uncover. Kingdom Roofing shares more insight on these so-called “surprises” that could impact your roofing expenses.

Roofing Surprises

What a Roof Tear-Off May Uncover

During roof replacement, your roofing contractor will first have to remove the old roofing shingles, flashings and other materials, leaving the decking or sheathing exposed. This is done to check for any damage that may require immediate attention prior to installing your new roof and underlayment.

Here are some problems that your residential roofing contractor may uncover:

  • Deck rot. If some parts of the decking are soft to the touch, then it’s likely that they has been exposed to moisture for a long time. Unless the entire structure looks to be in good condition, the roofing team may have to get rid of the decking and install a new one before applying the new roofing materials on top of it.

  • Inadequate decking. The decking may no longer be up to today’s building standards. Plywood is a common decking material in roofs, but it can become springy or bouncy. Your roofers may install oriented strand board (OSB) as decking instead, because the material is heavier and lies flatter when waterproofed and maintained.

Why Include a Buffer for Unexpected Roofing Issues

Adding a buffer for your budget can go a long way in dealing with unexpected roofing issues prior to replacement. This “emergency” budget should be worth about 10% to 20% of the estimated roofing cost. Preparing for these possible expenses will help ensure your roofing project is completed on time even when something unexpected happens.

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