When hurricane season arrives in the Venice area, it is time to keep an eye on your roof. Even if we don’t experience a direct hit from a named storm, severe storms strike us nearly every day at this time of year – and they can wreak havoc on your roof. High winds whip up in a moment, driving rain accumulates quickly, and flying debris can cause damage to your home and property. The storms are inevitable in this season, and eventually you are likely to sustain some roof damage as they pass through.

It is a good practice to visually inspect your roof after every major storm, and then to take steps to immediately fix any problems you find. Roof damage may not look too serious at first – but any breach of your roofing materials is likely to result in an area vulnerable to further deterioration and eventual roof leaks.

roof damage

Roof Damage to Look Out For

  • Missing or Damaged Tiles/Shingles: High winds can rip shingles right off a roof, and driving rains can find their way into any crack or crevice. Your tiles or shingles are the top layer of your roof, and they form an exterior barrier to the elements.

    However, under these materials is an underlayment, which is a secondary line of defense for leaks. Leaving the underlayment exposed means that you are far more likely to experience a leak due to failure of both layers. As soon as you see missing roofing material, call a roofing contractor. We will verify the integrity of the underlayment, and replace your roofing materials quickly, in order to get you fully protected again.

  • Dented Roof: A serious storm can cause a tree to fall on your roof, while a hurricane can deposit any number of foreign objects on your roof – from stop signs to fence posts. Even if your roof survived the storm, if it got dented (or an area collapsed) you will want to fix it immediately. The structure of your roof needs to be intact in order to properly support the roof, eaves and framing. A dip in your roof can also collect water, which is likely to cause leaks.
  • A Hole in the Roof: If a tree has actually punctured a hole in your roof, you will want to call an experienced roofer as soon as possible. Water pouring into your home will cause rotting or the wood beams and framing and ruin your insulation. It can even cause drywall damage, issues with electrical systems, and destroy possessions if the water intrusion is serious enough. One issue which is of particular concern is mold growth.

    It does not take much for mold to grow in our hot, humid climate, especially if materials are soaked with water. Mold can enter your living space through vents and the air conditioning system – and is known to cause illness and respiratory distress. Mold left unchecked can grow throughout the interior of your home, and so should be professionally checked and remediated as soon as your contractor fixes the roof damage.

Any suspected roof leak should be inspected by a local roofing professional as soon as possible. If you see notice stained areas on your ceiling, damp insulation, or dark areas on your attic framing – call Kingdom Roofing. By the time these symptoms are noticeable, it is probable that you have roof damage which needs immediate attention.

Schedule a baseline roof inspection to determine the health of your roof in its current condition. By fixing any vulnerabilities you may find, you can ensure that small problems on your roof do not become big problems in your home. Kingdom Roofing is here to help the Venice community stay dry this summer!