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Commercial Roofing Systems and Hurricane Season

In order to protect your employees and tenants, now is the time to think about preparing your Venice commercial roofing systems for hurricane season.

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Why Does Roof Slope Matter?

While most homeowners are not involved in determining their home's roof slope, understanding the structure permits smart maintenance decisions.

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State of the Industry – Commercial Roofing Trends

Over the years, Roofing has reported on the issues and trends facing both residential and commercial roofing professionals across the country. Their State of the Industry Report, now in its 11th year, outlines the challenges and issues faced by roofing professionals, as well as the residential and commercial roofing trends being observed. Overall, it [...]

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What is a Living Roof?

If you live in a Venice non-deed-restricted neighborhood, or have a commercial building, the living roof concept may intrigue you.

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Fire Resistant Roofing Materials

A fire can cause extreme damage to a home or business. Fire resistant roofing materials can help to minimize the risk of losing the building and contents.

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3 Reasons to Consider Commercial Roof Replacement

Like many capital improvements, the cost of a Venice commercial roof replacement can be justified by the very real benefits of a new roof.

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Commercial Roof Design for Bad Weather

High winds are a way of life in Sarasota, especially for buildings located close to the Gulf. Can strategic commercial roof design keep your building safe?

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Commercial Rooftop Railing Systems

Property owners need to provide protection around their commercial rooftop area, in order to safeguard residents, employees and workers.

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5 Common Commercial Roofing Challenges

Commercial roofing, such as that installed on an office building, presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintenance.

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Convincing the Board – Budgeting for a New Commercial Roof

With so many demands on your annual budget, how do you convince the board to pay for a new commercial roof? Here are some ideas.

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