If you have a commercial roofing project, you will want to find the local roofing company which is right for you.

Experience, professionalism, references, and reliability all come into play. Once you have determined a short list of possible candidates to work with, here are some questions to ask to determine the best choice for you.

What is the history of your company?

Determine if the roofing company is an established member of the community, and how long they have been in business. You may also want to ask the type of business they are most experienced in (commercial, residential or both) and if their ownership are merely roofers, or general contractors.

General contractors have a more in-depth knowledge of the building process and may be able to provide further insight as to the best roof for your building.

Are you properly licensed and insured?

Although you might assume that any roofing contractor has all proper documentation to be operational, unfortunately Florida has seen some fraud in this regard. A legitimate roofer will be happy to provide all applicable licenses and insurance (both for their crew, and for your property).

What other projects have you worked on recently?

Ask any roofing company you are considering for a list of references. You will probably want to speak to a few references, as well as do a drive-by to visually see examples of their work in person. You may wish to ask about a building similar in construction to yours, or projects which utilized the same materials.

Have there been any serious complaints lodged against your company?

We all understand that misunderstandings and complaints can occur. But a track record of complaints or dissatisfied customers may be a red flag for you.

Do you have your own crews, or will you subcontract out the work?

Understand who will be performing the work.  If they are going to use a subcontractor for any part of the work, be sure to ask for all applicable licenses and insurance certificates for that company as well.

What will the schedule look like?

Some items you may wish to clarify pertain to when the work will begin, how long the project will take, an explanation of instances which can delay the work – and what protections do you have should the work no go as expected.

What should I expect onsite during the project?

From the number of roofing professionals onsite, to where the materials will be kept throughout the duration of the project – what will the presence of the commercial roofing company mean to your overall operation?

Can I have a copy of the contract to review?

Be sure to take your time to read any contract you sign, to understand all of the terms completely.  If you are not clear on all of the terms and conditions, ask for legal counsel to explain to you.

Can you explain how you arrived at your pricing?

Once you have obtained proposals from each of the companies on your short list, be sure that you are comparing “apples to apples.” If you like a company but their price is higher, ask them why. Perhaps they will be finished more quickly, or are using higher quality materials. t is important to understand the differentials.

Finally, be sure to interview any potential commercial roofing company in person. Not only can you ask questions more easily, but you can establish a rapport and determine if their company philosophy lines up with yours. Having a solid professional relationship with your contractors will most likely ease the flow of the entire project.

Choosing a professional roofing company is much like choosing any contractor – check references, licenses, past work, and business practices. If you have a commercial roofing project coming up in South Florida, be sure to call the team at Kingdom Roofing.

With over 30 years of general contracting and roofing experience in the Venice area, we are well qualified to handle your project with professionalism.