Commercial and residential roofing systems require proper care to function efficiently and last. Getting routine inspections can help you keep track of the condition of your roof. Moreover, being proactive when it comes to your roof’s maintenance can help extend its service life.

Roofing Management

Read on to learn some of the best commercial roof management practices.

Keep Roofing System Data and Records

As the facility manager or building owner, you must know every detail about your roof, including its number, age, size, material and service history. In a safe and accessible location, keep all documents involving your roof. These documents include warranties, maintenance and repair records, a dimensions roof plan, upgrades or changes to rooftop equipment and a record of jobs performed by personnel to other building components.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

Environments change over time, making it important to get routine roof inspections. With accurate and timely information about the state of your roof, you can better plan decisions regarding its maintenance and repairs. Another benefit of regular inspections from commercial roofing professionals is that you can address issues while they are small. Fixing problems in their early stages can help you avoid early roof deterioration.

Schedule Routine Maintenance and Repairs

It’s best to have roofing work done by professionals. It’s because these jobs have safety and fall protection guidelines set by OSHA and building codes. Experienced professionals also know how to perform maintenance and repairs without harming the surface of your roof. Regular maintenance must be performed to keep your roof in good shape and prolong its life.

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