A roof is one of the most important parts of a home. It provides the necessary weather protection and stability to a structure and improves the aesthetic appeal. However, the reliability of a roof depends on the quality of the materials and how they were installed. Even if you have the best materials for your roof, if the workmanship is lacking, then the roof is bound to fail prematurely.

Poor Roofing Installation

In this post, roofing replacement expert Kingdom Roofing shares a few common signs of poor roofing installation.

Incorrect Shingle Placement

Shingles should be placed correctly on your roof based on their dimensions and quality. They need to be properly spaced and attached to the roof decking to do their job properly and last for a long time. If the shingles on your roof appear randomly placed and have unoccupied space between them, then your roof might not have been properly installed. This will lead to leaks and other forms of moisture damage to your roof, so it’s best to have a reputable roofer address this for you.

Improper Nailing Pattern or Usage

Shingle roofs need nails to anchor the shingles onto the roof decking, and there is a certain pattern and number of nails that must be used. If a roofing contractor doesn’t nail the shingles properly, the shingles may be blown off or knocked askew during a storm. Too many nails, on the other hand, can compromise the performance of the shingles and make it harder for future roofing maintenance jobs.

 Faulty Gutter Installation

Gutters are meant to work in tandem with your roofing system. The gutters direct water away from the roof and the structural supports. If the gutters were improperly installed, your home is at risk of having moisture pool in places it shouldn’t, like your basement and the soil that surrounds the foundation of your home. This will lead to water-related damage that can cause serious issues and eventually even form mold and mildew.

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