You may have heard that a roof sealant will help to extend the life expectancy of your roof, or that a certain roof coating will help with energy efficiency.

Are there actually benefits to applying a sealant or coating to your residential or commercial roof? Here are some factors you may wish to consider, as well as advice as to the types of roofs which are most likely to benefit from this process.

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Does My Roof Need a Sealant or Coating?

If you have a residential or commercial roof which is flat, it absolutely should be sealed. Flat roofs can turn into pools of water during a heavy rainstorm or prolonged rain event. Although these roofs are designed to drain, rapid accumulations of rainfall can cause sitting water with nowhere to go. This water can quickly find its way to any vulnerability or crack in the roof, causing a roof leak or damage to the underlayment. A waterproof roof sealant will assist in keeping all water out until it has the opportunity to drain.

Sloped roofs have less problem with standing water for obvious reasons, but some many still benefit from a waterproof roof sealant coating. If your roof is older, this extra barrier will prolong its life by repelling excess water. You can also treat any roof with a UV-resistant coating, which will protect premature aging of the roofing materials caused by our harsh sunlight.

Asphalt shingle roofs often already contain reflective material in their granules, but an additional coating may help keep their integrity and extend their life span. (Light metal roofing is also highly reflective by nature, as is white concrete or tile.)

Why Else is Sealant Useful?

Applying a reflective sealant or coating may also be helpful in deflecting sun’s rays, which should reduce the surface temperature of the roof. Similar to utilizing light colored roofing materials, these coatings can help in your overall energy efficiency, although not always significantly. If you are of the school that “every little bit helps”, then light colored roofs with reflective coatings should definitely help in your comprehensive effort.

A roof which reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them will result in a cooler attic, which in turn is your barrier between the outside world and the inside of your home.

Are There Cases When I Should Not Use a Sealant?

A sealant or coating is definitely helpful in many ways, but cannot be used as an alternative to maintenance or repair. In fact, before applying any type of coating to your roof, you should have a professional roof inspection or assessment. All repairs, no matter how minor, should be completed (resulting in a structurally sound roof) before you apply any materials to the roof. Covering a roof full of cracks with sealant will not help you, and will waste the cost of your investment in the process.

Therefore, if you are considering applying a roof sealant or roof coating to your home or business, first call a local Venice roofing contractor to come look at the roof. They will not only be able to inform you as to the true condition of your roof, but can advise you as to if your roof is a good candidate for sealing.

A roof in major disrepair or in need of complete replacement is never a good candidate for this process.

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