Ever wonder why some roof replacement projects cost more than others? It’s not always about the size or materials used. The pitch, which refers to the steepness of your roof, also plays a significant role in determining how this investment will cost. Local residential and commercial roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing explains further.

Roof Replacement

Increased Material Usage

A steep roof covers more surface area than a low-sloped or flat roof with similar dimensions. This means more shingles, underlayment and flashings will have to be installed to ensure the entire structure is watertight.

Extent of Labor

An experienced roofer can work on roofing projects regardless of how steep the roof planes are. However, the steeper the roof is, the more physically demanding it will be, thus requiring the use of safety equipment such as harnesses and scaffoldings.

Skilled Workforce

Not all roofs are created equal. Neither are all roofers. Installing a roof on a steep frame requires experienced and skilled workers to ensure safety and quality. Unskilled labor cannot be trusted to work on such complex projects. The need for competent installers pushes up the labor costs involved.

Complexity of Installation

Installing shingles on steep-sloped residential roofing systems involves a greater level of detail and attention. This ensures the alignment, fastening and sealing are done correctly. The increased risk of errors and complications during installation can also affect the costs.

Increased Time Investment

Doing a thorough job on a steep roof takes more time to complete than in a flat roof installation. The need for meticulousness, precision and repeated checking means a longer installation period, driving up the overall project costs.

Understanding how roof pitch can drive up replacement costs is crucial in making informed decisions. For your residential and commercial roofing needs in Venice, FL, trust only the experts at Kingdom Roofing. Call (941) 217-2411, or fill out our contact form to get started!