Whether you want to get your roof fixed or replaced, one of the crucial steps you shouldn’t overlook is to obtain a roofing estimate. Knowing what to expect in this part of the process allows you to make sound decisions, one of which involves hiring a residential and commercial roofing contractor for the job. Read on as we discuss this further.

Getting a Roofing Estimate

It All Starts With an Appointment

Getting in touch with your prospective roofer is the first step in the roofing process. You can find local contractors through recommendations from friends and family or a quick Google search with the search term “roofer near me”. Visit their websites to learn more about their qualifications and customer feedback, which are in the form of reviews or testimonials. Got a roofing brand in mind? Find local roofers who are certified to install such products. Doing so helps narrow your selection down to only a few names. Schedule an appointment with each one, making sure no two contractors overlap.

The Meeting Between You and Your Prospective Roofer

Expect the roofer to arrive at your doorstep on the agreed-upon date and time. This is the right time to discuss your roofing needs with them. Then, they’ll inspect your roof inside and out to learn more about its current condition. From there, they’ll determine the extent and scope of the work required. For instance, if you are dealing with a few missing shingles following a storm, they won’t just replace them with new ones but also find out if there are signs of leaks that need immediate attention.

Creating the Roof Estimate

Once the inspection is complete, the roofer will inform you of everything that they uncovered, including any damage they identified. They’ll also discuss with you the scope and extent of the roofing work, including the estimated timeline and material selection. Remember that this isn’t final — you can still further discuss your needs by learning more about the roofing products they offer, which will help determine the final cost of the project. From there, you’ll receive a copy of the estimate. It is in digital format, with the physical copy delivered via mail to you on a later date, which you can then review before signing.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

Now that you’ve obtained multiple estimates from the contractors on your shortlist, it’s time to evaluate each one. Compare information indicated in them — they should highlight the breakdown of the cost, timeline estimates and warranty coverage. Be wary of low estimates; it might sound like a bargain, but it’s possible that roofers offering low estimates might substitute low-quality materials or include the lowest-tier coverage to justify the cost. Your roof is a significant investment, and any work done on it by your chosen contractor will remain for a long time. Thus, it’s best to choose a contractor with an estimate that will allow you to maximize your roof’s performance and efficiency.

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