As electricity costs increase, it’s worth considering shifting your home to use renewable energy. Solar panels are one of the most commonly used renewable energy sources in the world, and installing them on your roof can help reduce your energy consumption. However, you may also have questions about any possible effects of having solar panels, such as will the roof absorb the heat and will that affect its longevity? 

Do Solar Panels Make Your Roof Hotter?

Continue reading as trusted roofer Kingdom Roofing shares basic information about solar panels.


Why Roof Temperature Matters


The temperature in your attic and on the surface of your roof can affect the longevity and durability of your entire roofing system. If your attic gets too hot and is unable to release hot and humid air, this can cause humidity and moisture problems and affect your roofing materials. An attic that is too hot can cook roofing shingles from below, causing them to degrade and wear out faster. Furthermore, a hot attic can also warp the roof decking and promote the growth of mold and mildew.


Solar Panels Help Insulate Your Roof


Installing solar panels on top of your residential roofing actually helps in your home’s overall insulation. Based on a study by researchers at University of California at San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, solar panels act as roof shades, which reduce the heat absorbed by the roof. The research also indicates that the panels reduce heat by about 38% and lower the temperature in your attic and the rooms directly below the roof by about 5 degrees. The panels also help in retaining heat, as their insulation works well in reflecting heat and keeping trapped heat indoors.


Based on that, getting solar panels for your home doesn’t only help cool down your roof, but also helps in the following ways:


  • It lowers the strain on your HVAC system as the indoor temperature remains more stable.

  • Solar panels provide access to a renewable energy source and lower your electricity bills.

  • Panels on your roof help retain heat during the night and colder seasons.


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