The installation of a new roof is one of the biggest required expenses that a homeowner will face. While damage caused by storms may be covered by insurance, normal wear and tear due to age is not. If your roof needs repair, or has aged to a point where replacement is your only option, you may be looking for any way possible to save some money.

Maybe finances are a concern. Or maybe you just don’t want to overpay – after all, who does?

At Kingdom Roofing, we understand your concerns. But before you sign that contract with the lowest bidding roofing company, lets take a look at what factors drive pricing, and why that low bid may be a lot more costly than it appears.


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Evaluating Roofing Company Bids

It would be a mistake to think that all roofs are created equal. There are many aspects of constructing a quality roof, and each has a cost associated with it. Like everything else you purchase, there are high and low end options. But when it comes to a new roof, what may drive those prices?

Low prices are tempting, but may indicate a roofing company who is cutting corners in some way. Here are a few warning signs to look out for, and questions to ask of the roofing contractors who provided the bids.

  • Shoddy Materials: Your roof is the barrier between your family and possessions, and the harsh Venice area weather. Cheap materials may do the job for years, or may fail rather quickly. Remember, once you install a new roof, you should expect many decades of roof utility. If the roofing materials cannot hold up to the elements, however, you may find yourself facing a roof repair long before you would like to. Ask the roofing company the type of materials they will be using, and compare against other quotes.

  • Inexperienced Teams: You get what you pay for, the adage goes. More experienced roofers command better pay, that is true. But the small difference in labor rates makes a massive difference in the quality of the work you can expect. Ask the roofing company about their years of service here in the Venice market and to explain the experience level of the roofers who will be on-site.

  • Lack of License or Insurance Coverage: Your friend down the street may tell you he knows how to install a roof, and may offer to do it cheaply. However, the state of Florida requires that this work be properly permitted, and that your roofing professional be state licensed. This is for your protection, and to make sure that your home meets zoning requirements and safety standards.

    A roofing company should also carry workers compensation insurance, as well as general insurance to protect your property.

    Without these in place, a roofer who is injured on your property may be able to sue you for damages. That is an expense you do not need! You may also face fines for having unpermitted work done on your home. Ask the roofing company to provide documentation, as well as to confirm that they will obtain all necessary construction permits on your behalf.

Of course, if the job is not done correctly the first time, you may find yourself paying even more to fix or replace the inferior work.

Your roof is far too important for the security of your family, and to the value of your home, to cut corners. A professional, reputable roofing company will assist you in choosing the proper materials, options, and payment plans for you to get the quality roof you need.
Quality materials, experience, licensing, and insurance coverage may end up costing you a bit more upfront, but are paramount to ensuring that the job is done right. Any cost savings may quickly evaporate if the roof is not installed correctly and legally.

Kingdom Roofing is proud to be a longstanding and respected member of the Venice construction and roofing community.