You’ll want to start checking facts if you’re looking to upgrade your current attic insulation. That’s because there are still plenty of misconceptions about this integral home component, possibly hindering you from making a more informed purchasing decision. Let Kingdom Roofing, the area’s top residential roofing company, help you clear the confusion. We’ll debunk some of the common myths about attic insulation here: 

Busting 3 Common Myths About Attic Insulation

  1. “Attic insulation is only useful in cold weather.” Insulation traps heat inside the attic during the summer, so it makes sense that it’s only useful during the colder month-. At least, this is what some people assume. But this is actually a myth. Having attic insulation in place is crucial no matter the season. It helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the attic space by keeping out unwanted heat and preventing cool indoor air from escaping via the roof. 

  2. “Attic insulation is flammable.” If there’s anything that can trigger a fire in your roof, the attic insulation would be way down that list. In fact, it’s designed not only to serve as a thermal barrier, but to also reduce the risk of fires. But how well the attic insulation resists fire has to do with the type of material it uses. Some options offer greater fire protection than others. You’ll have to consult a premier roofer like Kingdom Roofing to determine which type will work best for your home.

  3. “Vapor barriers in attic insulation traps moisture.” Leaks are an all-too familiar problem in homes. Some people assume that condensation from the trapped moisture in the vapor barrier is the culprit. Again, this is a common myth. In fact, vapor barriers are a necessary component in attic insulation that prevents moisture from entering wall cavities. And if moisture somehow gets past the barrier, it has zero chance of escaping, which in turn, stops leaks from ever occurring.

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