When renovating your house or building a new home, there are many design choices to make. And  homeowners love it when their design sensibility intersects with functionality – resulting in not only a more beautiful home, but an efficient one as well.

Skylights are very popular additions to several key rooms in the house, and for good reason. As local Venice roofing contractors, we understand both the aesthetics and the practicality of skylights.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding one or two to your home.


Rooms that Benefit from Skylights

  • The Bathroom: One of the most attractive benefits of a skylight is the natural light it allows into your home. In a bathroom, a skylight floods the space with natural light without sacrificing privacy. You can keep blinds on windows your neighbors can see through, yet add copious sunlight into the room. But perhaps more importantly, a skylight can provide ventilation into the room which suffers the most moisture on a daily basis. By ventilating the room through the skylight, you can reduce mold and mildew and keep the room awash in fresh air.
  • The Kitchen: Every room will benefit from the natural lighting a skylight affords you, but here is something you may not have considered. In a kitchen, homeowners often struggle to let in enough natural light via widows, without losing too much wall space which can be used for cabinets and appliances. Skylights solve this problem, bathing the room in sunlight and allowing you to add a bit more storage space. Not to mention, ventilation is also great for the kitchen, allowing hot air and steam to escape.
  • The Bedroom: Do you love the great outdoors? How about adding skylights which open manually, known as “roof windows”? These portals are not only great during the day, saving on electricity, but they also can give you a glimpse of the night sky when the day is done. Shades or blinds which automatically retract can be installed as well, to shield early morning sun on those “sleep in weekends”, or to allow for a midday nap.
  • The Attic: If you are looking to build a loft space in your attic, a skylight is the perfect way to add light and ventilation. In fact, skylights will do a better job than windows in dissipating heat in these higher spaces. While a natural addition to dormer roofs, they can also help to add the perception of a more open space if the attic has lower ceilings.

In fact, when you are looking to save on electricity costs, a skylight is ideal in just about any room of the house. These days, skylights can open and close for ventilation or just enjoying a cool day; and they can also feature blinds or darkening shades which can be remote controlled. Some smart skylights even can stay open, but then shut automatically when the first raindrop is detected.

Natural light, privacy, ventilation, energy savings, and beauty – skylights truly offer both form and function. When you are considering adding skylights to your new or existing roof, our team is the one to call. Not only do our experts have over 15 years experience in the Venice roofing market, but we are owned by two generations of general contractors.

We guarantee that your new skylights will be a welcome addition to your home.