Your roofing is your home’s strongest shield against harmful elements. It’s best to properly preserve and protect your roof against damage. As a homeowner, maintaining a roof can be stressful without a guide and help from professionals. One of the best ways to avoid roof damage is to learn about its causes. In this article, let’s improve your roofing game and learn ten common roofing issues. Reliable roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing also discusses how they can help you prevent roof damage.

Roofing Issues

10 Common Roofing Issues

  1. Lack of Proper Maintenance

One of the top causes of roofing issues is neglect and lack of proper maintenance. It’s advised to keep your roofing system clean and free of debris. After a strong weather event, make sure to survey your property, especially your roof for any visible damage. It will also help to hire a trusted local roofer to maintain your roof’s integrity. As your roof ages, your roof will be more susceptible to damage. To avoid aging roof problems like sagging, holes and cracks, get your roof inspected by a professional regularly.

  1. DIY and Improper Repairs

Ineffective roof repairs are not only an inconvenience but also a common cause of roofing problems. This is why it’s important to hire a reliable and skilled roofing contractor. It’s also not worth it to DIY any repairs, it’s unsafe and can cause more serious damage. Avoid deceitful roofers that tend to cut their job short resulting in improper repairs.

  1. Poor Ventilation

Undisrupted airflow from the roof to the attic is beneficial in preserving your roof. You should pay attention to your roofing system’s ventilation. Ideally, warm air should flow through the top and cool air should be drawn through the bottom. Keep your roof vents clean and free of any blockage. Always make sure that your roof’s ventilation is well-regulated. Poor ventilation in your roof will result in moisture build-up that can cause serious damage to your roof’s shingles and insulation. If your roof’s insulation is affected, your HVAC system tends to overwork and may increase your utility bills. Too much moisture can encourage mold and mildew growth, affecting your roof and attic’s integrity.

  1. Adverse Weather-Related Damage

Strong weather events like hailstorms, rain, heavy winds and lightning are serious causes of roof issues. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to prevent weather events from happening. So it pays to always be prepared against weather-related roof issues. Properly maintaining your roofing and property can lessen the damage. You should also make sure to always inspect your roof immediately after a strong storm. Filing for an insurance claim can be very strict, especially for a roofing replacement, so it helps to document any damages following any weather-related event.

  1. Leakage

Roof leakage should be immediately attended to. Water leakage is a sign that your roof is already compromised. It can be very damaging to the other protective layers under your roofing, as well as to your walls. Your interior should always be kept dry and it’s your roof’s responsibility to shield your home against water damage. There are several reasons why roof leakage can happen and it’s important to detect and fix the root cause.

  1. Moisture Build-Up

Too much moisture is a roofing problem. Moisture on a small level is harmless to your roof but when it builds up, it can bring a few other serious issues to your roof. Do not ignore any signs of roof leakage like water stains in your walls and attic. The most common moisture-related issue is it encourages mold and mildew growth. These things can cause premature rotting and sagging of your roof that may compromise the structure of your home.

  1. Faulty Installation

The most effective way to avoid roofing issues is to make sure that your roofing system is efficiently installed. Poor installation leads to several roofing issues. This is also another reason to only hire a skilled and licensed roofing contractor. To avoid shoddy workmanship, only trust qualified roofers for roof installation and roof repair services.

  1. Overgrown Trees

Trees offer shade and help cool down the temperature around your home. They’re helpful but can also be a roofing issue. The limbs and branches from some overgrown trees near your roof can cause abrasion and lose shingles. These trees can also fall and damage your roof during a strong weather event. To keep your roof safe, trim overgrown branches that reach your roof and keep them away as far as possible. If a nearby tree is a threat to your home’s safety, it’s best to have it removed immediately.

  1. Damaged Gutters

Your gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. The state of your gutter can be very influential to your roof, especially when it’s damaged. Damaged gutters can affect your roof directly and can cause problems. A damaged and clogged gutter can cause water to overflow and flood your roof. This can result in water leakage, sagging and damaged shingles. To avoid this, during professional roof inspections, include your gutter system. Make sure that they are free of any clogging and properly installed.

  1. Critters

Save your roof from infestation problems brought by small animals, birds, and insects. They can be harmless but settling in snd burrowing on your roof can cause some serious damage.

How Your Roofer Can Help You

Properly maintaining your roof can be tedious. Most of the time, professional roofers are required to help you preserve and repair your roofing. Leave your roofing replacement and other services to reputable roofing contractors. It’s best to choose a trusted roofer to partner with. Being familiar with your roof helps them manage and repair your roof more efficiently.

When choosing a roofing contractor, start with making a short list of reputable roofers near you. Being near your home is an advantage when you need them immediately, especially after a strong weather event. Then, you can narrow them down by asking about their license, insurance, and experience. You can also check their references, from their past clients to their partners and suppliers.

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