It goes without saying that you need to take care of your roof – a small problem today can turn into a big problem tomorrow if not addressed. Some put off having a roofing contractor come out to take a look, fearing that they may recommend replacing the roof, which can be a major expense.

However, there are many times that repairing your roof is the best way to extend the life of your roof, and your problem can be resolved for far less money and hassle.

When You Should Repair the Roof

If your roof is damaged in just one or two spots due to a storm or falling branch, a roof repair may be your best option. Always have a professional assess the situation a soon as possible, as you may not be able to visually identify all of the damage. If the underlying structure of the roof is secure and strong but the tiles are showing wear or have been damaged, you may be able to simply replace those tiles.

If your roof is covered in moss or algae, the roof doesn’t look its best.

However, it may not have sustained any damage that harms the integrity of the roof. With some advice from the experts, you should be able to clean your roof and not replace it. A professional roofing contractor will also be able to recommend a treatment for your roof to keep moss, algae, and fungus at bay.

If your roof is asphalt shingle, you may have the ability to layer new shingles on top of the old, saving money on stripping the entire roof. This assumes the framing of the home is solid, and there is only one layer of shingle already on the roof. A third layer is too heavy a weight for your roof to bear.

When You Should Replace the Roof

If your roof is approaching the end of its effective life, insisting on continually repairing the roof may become a money pit. Your roof won’t last forever, so replacing the roof when it is time is likely to save you money.
Consider the overall cost. If repairing your roof will cost $3,500 but replacing your roof is $5,500 – you may find that going forward with a brand new roof is a more economical option in the long run.

If your gutters need to be replaced, it may be a good time to replace the roof (as the gutters will be removed and installing a new roof easier.

If the framing of the roof is damaged, rotted, or sagging, the roof will need to be replaced.

A roof repair may result in mismatched tiles and an obvious patch. If you are selling your home or you are concerned about the aesthetics of the roof, a replacement may be a better option.
Ultimately the choice between repairing your roof or replacing your roof will be based on roof condition, age, and your personal budget.

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