Extended warranties are offered on a wide variety of products, from retail, to automotive, to home improvement. Many individuals see them as an unnecessary premium, but in the roofing industry, extended warranties can be a lifesaver for countless homeowners. An extended warranty can give homeowners peace of mind that a normal warranty can’t. Your commercial roofing contractor explains further in this post.

Why Is an Extended Warranty Worth the Extra Cost?

How Does an Extended Warranty Work?

Generally, extended warranties provide additional coverage for an extra cost. One example is when a normal warranty offers 10 to 20 years of material coverage, an extended warranty’s coverage period would be twice as long. Warranty coverages differ from every manufacturer and roofing contractor.

Full Transferability and Non-Prorated Coverage

Aside from the extended coverage, one of the key selling points of extended warranties is its’ non-prorated coverage. This means that you will get 100% coverage for the full duration of your warranty period. Normal warranties have proration in which the coverage decreases as time goes on. For example,  a residential roofing company’s 20-year warranty will have 100% coverage for 10 years, then will decrease to 95% by the 11th year, 90% coverage on the 12th, and so on. Many homeowners also get extended warranty coverage because of full transferability. This makes your home very appealing to potential buyers as this allows you to transfer the warranty coverage to them once the house is sold. You could sell your house at a premium just because of this warranty.

Which Contractors Offer Extended Warranties?

Credible roofing manufacturers offer extended warranties through licensed and certified roofing contractors. One example is through GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System Limited Warranty. A GAF Master Elite® roofing company like ours can offer customers extended warranties to protect their roofing system. We have the privilege to offer you GAF’s Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty which offers 50 years of coverage for your roofing system and 30 years for workmanship. This is only limited to GAF Master Elite Certified Contractors like Kingdom Roofing. With warranties like these, you can rest easy knowing your roof is in safe hands.

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