If you look overhead and notice a water stain, it definitely bears investigating.  Moisture stains on the ceiling are a clear indication that you have a water intrusion problem.

The most important thing you need to understand that this problem is not one that can be put off any longer. Here is what to do if you spot a water stain on your ceiling or anywhere on your interior walls.

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Steps to Take When You See a Water Stain

  1. Determine if there is an active leak: If there are droplets of water surrounding the area or water running down the walls, it is clear that you have an active leak somewhere. However, if there is no water present, the stain may have been from a prior leak which was fixed.
  2. Consider the rainfall: During the summer months, there is a lot of rain. Therefore if a water stain exhibits no moisture in this season, there may not be an active leak. However, over the winter there is little to no rainfall, so a dry area is not an indication of if the leak is still active. (you can pick up a moisture meter at a local hardware store).
  3. Relieve the built-up pressure: If the ceiling is bulging in the middle of the stain, it is best to puncture the bulge with a screwdriver to allow any backed up water to flow out. Although this may seem messy, it is far better than trapping the water in the ceiling or walls. With nowhere to escape, the water is likely to continue to seek a path of least resistance and continue to cause damage.
  4. Seek out the source of the leak: This part can be tricky. While you may be tempted to look directly over the water stain for the point of intrusion, the leak itself may be on an entirely different part of the roof. Remember, water flows along easy paths which don’t block it, so the source may be further up the slope of the roof, or coming from another area entirely. The best way to begin is to visually inspect the roof for any obvious signs of damage. If you don’t see where the point of entry may likely be, go into your attic and look for damp framing, dark wood, or signs of water damage. This may lead you back to the source of the leak.
  5. Call a professional roofing contractor: If you can’t find the point of entry, you’ll want their professional advice. And if you do know where the water is intruding, you’ll want it fixed. Call a licensed and insured Venice roofer as soon as possible. If the repair is likely to be a few days away consider a temporary tarp on the roof.

Here’s a Hint: Remember that a water stain may be the result of a past leak which was repaired. If the stain is dry and remains that way through a heavy rain, it is probable that it is nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on the spot and make sure to check back after storms.

By the time you notice a water stain in the interior of your home, it may be evidence of a problem which is already serious. Don’t wait until your ceiling caves in or you are dealing with mold in your walls – call a professional for help. At Kingdom Roofing, we are dedicated to finding, fixing, and preventing leaks for Venice residents. Whether you need a minor repair or a new roof installation, we promise the same exceptional service and quality which has been our trademark for years.