To unfamiliar business owners, stagnant water on their flat roof may seem harmless. However, they are often unaware of the underlying effects of leaving that ponding water unaddressed. Ponding water occurs after storms, rain showers, or snow melts occur in your area. Roofs aren’t designed to hold standing water for extended periods of time. If water does pool on your roof, you should quickly determine the source and figure out why it isn’t draining.

In today’s post, your residential and commercial roof repair specialist, Kingdom Roofing, explains the effects of ponding water if left alone.

Consequences of Ignoring Ponding Water

A flat roof is designed with a slight angle to allow water draining. If ponding water is present, it means that there is a drainage problem that needs to be fixed. If left unattended, ponding water can do the following to your flat roof:

  • Collects Dirt. Ponding water can gather dirt into one area and encourage vegetation growth and mud cracking which can damage your roof. It also attracts pests and insects for hydration, and cause mold growth which is hazardous for your roof and your health.

  • Causes Premature Deterioration. Ponding water shortens the lifespan of your roof flashings, membranes and coatings.

  • Amplifies Heat. Standing water acts like a magnifying glass that increases the concentration of heat that can damage your home. It also increases the surface area in which heat can spread if the water has traveled over a wide area. There could come a point that you would need to conduct a roofing replacement project if the damage is widespread.

  • Deteriorates Adhesives. Ponding water is a universal solvent. This means that it could dissolve any material over time and the same could be said for your adhesives. If your adhesives have been exposed to standing water over extended periods, there’s a good chance that it already has little to no adhesive properties anymore.

How to Prevent Pooling Water?

Ponding water can be prevented by conducting regular roof maintenance and inspections. If your contractor notices ponding water, the cause can be diagnosed early before any problems occur. Even if there are no issues on your roof, it helps to have a professional inspect your roof to find out any underlying problems that you might have missed. It’s also good practice to have a positive drainage and ensure that it’s free of debris.

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