With a well-maintained commercial roofing system, your property is safe and secure from the weather. Throughout its life span, a roof can sustain minor damage, which should be addressed to prevent costly repairs. And if you find yourself frequently paying for repairs, you might consider a full replacement. However, as trusted professionals in roofing replacement, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t the only solution for your roof.

Commercial Roofing

You can only determine the most cost-effective solution for your commercial roofing problems with the help of a professional. Here’s a look at the three Rs of commercial roofing that you need to know.

Roof Repair

Repairs are usually handled during routine maintenance, which should be done at least once a year or after a severe storm. This is the only time when the smaller problems that were previously overlooked are identified and addressed to prevent further damage. But while extensive repairs can be the best course of action, this will only depend on how badly damaged your roof is. If you don’t want to frequently pay for repairs, you can choose to have the roof restored before considering a full replacement

Roof Restoration

Restoration is essentially having your roof redone without replacing it. This is a good way to address minor issues and help prolong the roof’s serviceable life while keeping it intact. It’s more thorough than routine roof repairs yet less expensive and disruptive than a full replacement. Just make sure that it’s done by local roof repair services professionals to ensure a successful restoration.

Roof Replacement

If the roofing assessment shows that your roof is too damaged for extensive repairs and restoration, then your best option is to get a full replacement. This may also be the case if your commercial property has significant damage and requires a full tear-off of the current components to install brand new materials. Even if the roof looks relatively intact, a full replacement may still be necessary depending on its age. If you keep records of your roofing system’s maintenance history, you’ll already have a good idea of when you should have it replaced.

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