Commercial roof systems are designed and built quite differently from residential roofs. From material to features, commercial roofing has distinct characteristics that make them ideal for complex facilities and multi-story buildings. 

Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about commercial roofs, and they can prevent property owners from properly maintaining and getting the most out of their roofing.

In today’s post, top-rated roofing company Kingdom Roofing debunks some of the most popular myths surrounding commercial roofs.

All Commercial Roof Systems Are the Same

Commercial roofs come in different shapes, sizes and materials. They are also designed with varying features to meet specific requirements and local building codes. Generally, the most popular options for commercial roof systems are single-layer membrane roofing, traditional built-up roofing and metal roofing. Your contractor can offer professional insight to help you decide on what type of roof to get for your building. But typically, considerations such as local climate, type of building and more are taken into account.

Any Commercial Roof Can Instantly Lower Energy Costs

Your roofer can help you determine the most energy-efficient roofing option for your building. However, it’s important to manage your expectations regarding the energy savings that your commercial roof can contribute. First, your roof should be a “cool roof”, meaning it should be made with a reflective surface. This enables the roof to effectively reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the heat being absorbed by the roofing material. Second, the effects of a cool roof are best seen long-term, so you’ll likely notice your energy savings over time.

Wrinkled Membrane Roofs Are No Cause for Concern

While it’s true that wrinkles on a membrane roof do not require urgent attention, it would still be best not to ignore this problem. The wrinkles may be considered a cosmetic issue, but sometimes they could also be a sign that something went wrong during the roof’s installation. The adhesives used for installing the roof should have been able to prevent these wrinkles. So if you notice such an imperfection, better call your roofing contractor as the adhesives could have possibly failed.

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