For most homeowners in the South Florida area, it’s a common trend to find a trustworthy contractor that you can stick with it. From home builders to plumbers and roofers, you goal is always to select a dependable company that you can call this time, and into the future for any issues you might run into.

The peace of mind that comes with having a connection to a contractor in your area to expertly handle your needs is vital, and the even more important when it comes to your home’s roofing system.

Today, we’ll discuss some ways to find your next roofing company, and some pitfalls to avoid.

Things to Do:

Whether building a new home, replacing a roof, or in need of repairs to your roof after a storm, it is important to find a contractor you can trust. Here are three things to always do when hiring a roofing contractor.

Check Reviews

Local online reviews are the lifeblood of any small business, and a barometer of what you can expect from a contractor. Look for a company that has recent reviews from local’s that they’ve worked with. If the company has been in business a long time, pay attention to their most recent reviews. And if the company is newer, look for consistency in their reviews. Do they pay attention to detail, was the price quoted fair, and did they work in a timely fashion, are all items that you want to pay attention to when looking for your next roofing company.

Check Their Licenses

This may seem like an obvious point – isn’t every roofing company licensed? Unfortunately, not always. Sometimes their license has expired, or perhaps a handyman is looking for additional work. Make sure your roofing company is properly licensed, and that they have insurance both to cover their crew, and to cover any possible damage your home. A reputable company can easily provide you with this documentation for your review.

Ask About Warranties

Be sure to ask about – and have copies of – all product and installation warranties which apply to your project.

Things to Avoid:

Suddenly You Have Lots of Extra Problems They Offer to Fix

You can tell if you’ve stumbled across a bad roofing contractor when your otherwise solid roof (that just needs a couple of repairs) suddenly has major problems, according to them. You may not be a roofing expert, but you can tell when someone is trying to pad their bill at your expense.

If they can’t show you physical proof of a problem with your home, they may be trying to charge you to repair imaginary issues.

You Try to Get in Touch and They’re Nowhere to Be Found

When you try to contact your contractor, you reach their voicemail. You’ve tried text and email too, but you can’t seem to get in touch with them.

It’s scary when your roofing contractor suddenly disappears, especially if they’ve already collected part of their pay. Beware of any contractor that doesn’t return calls promptly — bad roofing contractors don’t prioritize client communication, but good ones do.

They Promise You Paperwork … Later

You’ve asked them for proof of their license and insurance, but they always seem to forget their copy. If you’re having a hard time finding physical proof that they are state licensed and they seem to be avoiding the issue, you may want to try a new company.


It’s important to do some research and find a reputable roofing contractor in your area. Once you find them, you can feel safe in knowing that you’ve made the right decision, and that they will take care of you into the future. The team at Kingdom Roofing would love to that trusted contact for you, and invite you to research our company extensively. When you need us for your Venice roofing repairs, contact us, here.