Your roofing system has gone through a lot over the past few months. Now that temperatures are slowly rising and spring is drawing near, you’ll want to prioritize the health of your residential roofing system. Kingdom Roofing provides some helpful spring roof maintenance tips every homeowner should consider.

Roof Maintenance

Purchase the Proper Tools

First, you will need the right tools for the job. Having the right equipment makes roof maintenance easier and more efficient. Be sure the ladder you buy is tall and sturdy enough to ensure easy and safe access to your roof. Additionally, a good gutter cleaning tool is very useful, especially as gutters can be difficult to keep clean.

Perform a Basic Roof Inspection

While it’s best to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof system, you can also do your part by checking for any signs of obvious roof damage. If you see any indications of extensive damage or anything that looks out of place, get in touch with your roofing contractor as soon as possible to have it checked out.

Check Your Shingles or Tiles

Your roof shingles are susceptible to damage, so don’t forget to check them when performing a visual inspection of your roofing system. Keep an eye out for signs of cracking, buckling or other misshapen bits in your shingles or tiles.

Clean Your Gutters

Your home’s gutters may have accumulated a lot of leaves, twigs or other organic debris over the past months. If debris is not removed right away, water runoff can back up and expose your roof to leaks and all sorts of roof damage. Be sure to include gutter cleaning in your spring checklist. In addition to this, consider inspecting your gutters as well to see if they require repairs or a complete replacement.

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