Just the mention of rodents is enough to make most people a bit queasy. But the suggestion that rodents may be living in the attic? For many, that is the stuff of nightmares!

Rats and mice are very common in South Florida. Not only do they live around our homes in preserves and wooded areas, but they are often driven towards human homes as they lose their habitat. That fact that there is plenty of available food doesn’t hurt either! Rodents seeking shelter from heat, rain and predators can become a problem, doing damage to both your roof and attic.

Florida roof pests

Learning that there may be a nest of rodents is your home may understandably cause some trepidation. Rodents can carry diseases which are harmful to humans, and they can contaminate homes with droppings. They gnaw through almost anything, and can do great harm to electrical wiring – causing an electrical hazard. Hearing those feet scurrying overhead, or worse, through your walls, is unnerving to say the least.

Types of Florida Roof Pests – Rodents

The three most common varieties of rodent we see in this area include:

  1. House mice are the most common variety of domestic pest.  These mice most often  frequently take up residence inside attics and subsequently can make their way through the walls.  Just one mouse can produce up to 35 young mice annually, yet they are so stealthy that the only evidence of infestation you are likely to see is mouse droppings.
  2. Roof rats are the most prevalent rat found in South Florida homes, residing in roofs and attic spaces.  Speaking of nightmares, these rodents can grow to be over a foot long, and a single female can have 20 babies per year. They do tend to prefer a plant-based diet, but will also eat anything that is readily available.
  3. Norway rats typically live outside, but may make an appearance in your home if looking for food. They are a burrowing species, so if they make their way into your attic space, they mat dig down into the insulation or drywall.   Norway rats are an aggressive breed, and if they like your attic they are likely to bully all other rodents out.

How Do These Rodents Get In?

Like all Florida roof pests, mice and rats will look for any breach in the soffits or eaves to gain entrance into your home. You may wish to have a licensed and insured roofer help you to inspect the roof for any possible points of entry, and close them up. When these open areas are being utilized for ventilation, you can cover with thick chicken wire. You’ll want to inspect regularly to make sure they have not chewed through the barrier.

Mice and rats also may gain entrance to your roof through the garage walls. If you make a habit of leaving your garage door open during the day, you may wish to lay down rodenticide to kill the rodents (use extreme caution if you have children or pets as this can be powerful poison) and set mousetraps.

To recap, living in South Florida you will most certainly run into rodents at some point. Routinely check your attic, especially in and around insulation, for droppings, compaction, or nests. Call in a professional pest control company to hep rid your home of the critters safely – then call a local roofing professional to help you fix any gaps in your roof structure.

If the rodents have chewed through any of your roofing materials, call Kingdom Roofing to repair the damage immediately. Even a small area of damage can erode into a leak rather quickly. Let us help you to secure your Venice home against rodents, pests, and water intrusion – with quality roof repair and installation.