It is the responsibility of owners and facility managers to oversee the construction projects involving your building. Being hands-on when it comes to this matter can help keep the occupants of the structure safe as well as any important items or equipment inside.

Project Management

Get tips for roofing project management success from a local provider of roof repair services.

Start With a Well-Communicated Project Scope

With a well-communicated project scope, you will know all the parts of your roofing project. It will also let your roofer provide more accurate quotes. Overlooking even just a single item can have a great impact on your project. It may also affect the performance of your new roof or the validity of its warranty.

Before the project starts, double-check the details with your roofing contractor. It’s important to understand all the work to be performed, the details of the warranty, and safety expectations. You may need to set regular meetings with your roofer, depending on how complex and long your project will be. In these meetings, you should go through the schedule and take care of problems or any change orders.

Obtain Necessary Permits and Adhere to Local Codes

When planning your project, you should determine who would be responsible for obtaining permits. Building codes and required permits vary by location. Make sure to follow all building codes and coordinate these codes with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. You should address any issues between codes and manufacturer recommendations before the actual installation starts. An experienced roofer will consider this factor and review all necessary codes before starting the project.

Always Consider the Weather

You should always be prepared for any changes in the weather because it is a factor that you can’t control. It can affect the overall timeline of any construction project. Your roofer may need to adjust the workdays and schedule due to temperature and weather conditions. By factoring in the weather, you can avoid delays, avoid unsafe work conditions and keep water damage from developing inside your building.

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