When examining the integrity and health of your roof, you understand that a roofing professional will inspect the exterior of your roof, as well as the roofing materials. What you may not expect is that an expert roofer will also perform an attic inspection.

The attic inspection is actually a very important part of understanding the overall condition of your roof.

attic inspection

Why is an Attic Inspection Necessary?

If at all possible, a roofing professional will request access to your attic when assessing your roof. There are several key areas of information which can be gleaned from taking a look underneath the exterior.

  • Check the Insulation: The attic is one part of the house in which the insulation can be clearly seen. Not only does having the proper amount of insulation help you to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months, but looking at the insulation’s condition can give us clues as to any water intrusion which may be taking place. If your insulation is matted down, compressed and/or damp, there is a very good chance that water is leaking in from somewhere. While you may not see any visual deterioration and damage on the exterior, wet insulation will necessitate further investigation into where the leak is occurring.
  • Evaluate the Ventilation: One of the more critical aspects of roof construction is how well the attic space under the roof is ventilated. Household moisture often makes its way up into the attic, and in the Venice area, the attic is also likely to be very hot. A well ventilated attic will work to release some of that heat and moisture – which will help with energy efficiency and a less-stressed air conditioner. Too much attic moisture can lead to mold growth and wood damage. A properly ventilated attic will have plenty of vents along the lower portion of the attic space to allow air in, while the upper part of the attic will provide enough venting to allow hot air and humidity to leave the space.
  • Take a Look at the Framing: An attic inspection will include inspecting the wood framing, which is not visible in most parts of the home – but can give important clues as to the quality of the roof construction. Remember, the attic framing and roof sheathing is part of the overall roof system. Proper construction practices are necessary to not only ensure that the roof is properly supported, but in South Florida, to ensure that the house is protected against the high winds we are susceptible to. The catastrophic effects of Hurricane Andrew, which devastated areas of Florida in 1992, were responsible for a radical change in the building codes. However, if a home was built prior to 1996, those codes may not have been implemented.
  • Look for Signs of Water Intrusion: Aside from the insulation, an attic inspection will also look for stained roof sheathing/framing; as well as stains or water marks on vent pipes which protrude through the roof. Some stains may indicate a prior leak which has been subsequently fixed. However, if the staining is at all damp or shows signs of recent water intrusion, it is likely that you have an active leak. As discussed, sometimes the leak is not evident from the exterior, but is far more noticeable from underneath.

Kingdom Roofing has been a member of the Venice community for decades, and we look forward to helping you to properly inspect your roof before this year’s storm season. Remember, a small leak today can become a major water intrusion event after a few months of heavy rains – so schedule your full roof and attic inspection today.