It’s resolution time, and while most people are planning exercise routines and reading plans, we’d like to make another suggestion.

Sure, these might not be the most popular resolutions heading into 2020, but at Kingdom Roofing, we think they should be. After all, we are invested in making sure that you have a strong and healthy roof. So without further ado, we present our top recommended roof resolutions for the new year!

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Roof Resolutions to Help Your Roof Last

As residential homeowners, we resolve to:

Perform a Roof Inspection by March: The winter months in South Florida are the best time for a roof inspection. Traditionally our driest season, it is easy for an expert roofer to get on the roof, inspect everything closely, and perform maintenance without worrying about a daily cloudburst. Having the roof ready before the rains begin again (which can happen as early as April) is a good move to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist which could turn into leaks during the rainy season.

Repair any Problems The Roofer Identifies: Delayed roof maintenance can turn into a very big issue, very quickly. Water can find its way into the smallest of spaces. Wind can get under a loose tile and lift it right off the roof – and once there is one area of damage, the water, wind , and even critters will exploit it. Small roof repairs, such as replacing a loose tile or broken shingle, is inexpensive relative to the roof repair needed if major damage ensues. A waterproof, well constructed roof is your best defense during our rain and storm season. Don’t handicap yourself – perform small repairs immediately.

Keep Critters Out of the Attic: We know, we love animals too – but we don’t want them in the attic space. Animals can chew on soffits, ruin roofing materials, gnaw away at roof rafters, or contaminate your insulation. Animals carry disease and leave droppings, and you definitely don’t want them hanging around. If you do find evidence of animals in your attic or on your roof, you will want them professionally removed, the attic and insulation remediated, and the gaps and entry holes covered up.

Clean Out and Maintain Gutters: Before the torrential rainstorms show up, completely clean out all of your gutters. Make sure they are free of debris, birds nests, dirt, and granules from your shingles. It is also important to make sure that the gutters are correctly attached to the roof, and that the seams are tight and sealed. Gutters are important to the overall roof of your roof for many reasons. Essentially, if water backs up in a clogged gutter, it can seep into cracks in the roof and cause leaks. Gutters are designed to keep water moving quickly away from roofing materials and the side of the home. In this way, they play one of the most important roles overall.

Not Ignore the Roof All Year:  You may think that once you check the roof in the winter and perform repairs, that you are good until the following winter. Although a full inspection is typically not required more than once per year, the roof should be visually checked after any major storms to ensure that no damage was done which needs attention.

Begin to Save for a New Roof: Many homeowners are shocked to learn that their homeowner’s insurance does not cover a new roof simply because the roof is old. If your roof is in the back-third of its life and you may need to replace it over the next several years, begin to save for your new roof installation now. This will save you from a big financial shock should something happen in a storm. Although storm damage is normally covered, the insurance company will only pay for the value of the remaining life on the roof. Roof resolutions are not complete without preparing for the future.

The team at Kingdom Roofing wish you a happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year!