Before undertaking any major home renovation, it is smart to solicit bids to understand both the scope of the project, and what it is likely to cost. Roof estimates can vary widely from contractor to contractor, making it critical for a Venice homeowner to understand what they are looking at.

If you have received several estimates for a new roof installation and want to compare them fairly., here are some guidelines to follow.

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Roof Estimates, Explained

Your roof estimate will take into account a number of things. These include:

  • Roofing Materials: The roofing materials utilized can vary greatly in cost. Of course, most people understand that a shingle roof is more affordable than a clay tile or metal roof. But even if you have two roofing estimates for shingle, fir instance, there may be differences in price range. This may be due to the quality of materials which your contractor is recommending. This is important, because you may be tempted to simply choose the cheaper shingle roof estimate, without realizing the quality may suffer.
  • Underlayment and Structure: Depending on the age of your roof and its condition, your roofing contractor may need to replace portions of the underlying roofing structure – including plywood, underlayment, eaves or roof deck. This may not be much more in materials cost, but may affect labor costs significantly, depending on the situation.
  • Replacement vs. Overlaying: When your current roof is shingle, a contractor may suggest simply putting new roofing material over the top of your existing roof. While this typically lowers the overall estimate – since there is no tearing off and disposition of old roofing material – it is important to consider this option carefully. You will want to be sure that the roof substructure is healthy enough to handle a new 30 year roof. If a roofer has recommended this option, you may wish to get a third party opinion as to if this will work on your roof.
  • Overhead Considerations: If a roofing company estimate comes in significantly lower than a competitive bid, you may wish to look into their license and insurance situation. If a company is not properly insured as per the law, their overhead costs may be lower. But under no circumstances should you hire an unlicensed or uninsured contractor. Not only is there no guarantee of their professionalism, but you may also find yourself in a bad situation. If a worker gets hurt on your property and their company has not insured them, they will sue you instead – and you will likely be liable. Check out licensing information for all Florida roofing contractors here, and be sure to ask them for proof of updated insurance. You’ll want to see coverage for if they damage your home, and for is someone gets hurt while working on the project.

You should also ask your roofing contractor to explain ahead of time any additional costs or fees you may encounter. Every roofing project has the potential of running into a snag which may cost a bit extra. But you want to avoid a situation where the contractor seriously undercuts his competition in order to get the job, and then continually raises the price throughout the project.

The best way to ensure that you are in good hands and are looking at an accurate estimate is to hire an established Venice roofing contractor. The team at Kingdom Roofing have been upstanding members of the local construction community for decades. You can speak with our clients, view our work, and look up our licensing. We are proud to be your neighbors, and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality roofing.