The temperature in South Florida is a constant topic of conversation. While our year-round sunshine is one of the biggest benefits of living here in paradise, it also results in months of heat and humidity that are inescapable. To cool off, Venice residents may take a dip in the pool or go to the beach, but our homes need nearly constant cooling as well.

Of course, the air conditioner is the most important aspect of cooling our homes, but there are many other less obvious ways to help us to stay cool. In this blog we will discuss how your roof color – as well as the materials used for your roof – can play an integral role in home cooling.

How Roof Color Influences Home Temperatures

In general, light colors reflect the sun’s rays, while dark colors absorb the heat. Therefore, lighter color roofs will deflect more heat away from the home and help to keep the interior cooler. The converse is also true – the darker the roof, the higher the temperatures are likely to be in your roof or upper floors. As our air conditioners work so diligently throughout the year, even a few degree difference in the attic could make a big impact on our energy costs.

In order to maximize the benefit of a light colored roof, you can choose lighter colored asphalt shingles or tiles, or paint a roof with lighter colored, reflective paint.

Did You Know? According to the Department of Energy, cool roofs – roofs designed to minimize heat absorption – can lower the temperature in the attic by up to 50 degrees.

Does Roofing Material Affect Home Temperature?

Your choice of roofing material can have an impact on how much light and heat your house absorbs, affecting the interior temperature. So which material is most adept at keeping your house cool? While newer asphalt shingles are a good option, nothing reflects more heat than metal roofing. Metal roofs are not often seen on residential homes in Florida, and you may think that metal will get too hot, resulting in hot air underneath the roof.

But this is not the case – of all available materials, metal is most proficient at keeping things cool.

Other Roofing Considerations

There are other considerations when deciding on the best ways to keep your home cooler.

  • Roof color and roofing material may not be your choice here in the Venice area, where HOA’s often dictate acceptable palettes.
  • Proper attic ventilation is an important aspect of home cooling. Ventilation allows air to circulate and for hot air to escape your home. If you have questions regarding the ventilation at your home, call a licensed roofing contractor.
  • People often think of insulation as a way of keeping a home warm, but it will also trap cool air in the lower part of the home and out of the attic. If too much cool air escapes to the attic, your air conditioner will be working too hard to keep the interior of your home cool.

Overall, maintaining a cool home is easier when multiple methods are employed. Although choosing a metal roof may be your best choice, choosing lighter asphalt shingles or tiles will also allow for good results. Maintain proper insulation and ventilation, and you will help your A/C unit to cool your home efficiently.

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