As one of the premier roofing companies in the area, the Venice roofing contractors at Kingdom Roofing have been called out to assess and fix all kinds of roofing problems. And while we are just as capable of replacing a roof as fixing one, we do want to help Venice homeowners to better protect the integrity of their roof.

Proactive roof maintenance is one of the best ways to save yourself from expensive emergency repairs. Not only will being proactive save you money over the life of your roof, but it will also likely prolong the life of your roof by years.


proactive roof maintenance

Why Reactive Roof Maintenance is a Bad Idea

Reactive roof maintenance puts off any work or repairs until you are forced to do something – your roof is leaking, for instance. You are simply reacting to the situation at hand.

The problem with reactive roof maintenance is simple. With few exceptions, by the time you notice a roof leak in your home, the damage to your home is far more extensive than you can see.

For instance, you may have just noticed a few drops of water on your ceiling. If those water drops are the result of a roof leak, the rainwater has already possibly damaged your outer roofing material, your underlayment, the frame structure in your roof, your attic insulation, and the drywall inside your home. The repair process is extensive at that point and entails a lot more than a quick fix on your roof. You will have to search out the water damage and possible mold all along the path which the water took to reach your ceiling.

Why Proactive Roof Maintenance is Just Smart

Proactive roof maintenance involves frequent visual checks, an annual inspection, and promptly fixing any problems which you find during these activities.

A visual inspection should be done after every major weather event involving wind and heavy rains. From the ground, you can walk around your home and visually inspect soffits and gutters for any signs of damage. Note if water is running down your exterior walls (instead of through the gutter system). You will also want to check the roof from a safe vantage point, such as a ladder – do not walk on the roof unless you feel comfortable doing so. Look for signs of broken or missing shingles or tiles, areas of accumulated debris or algae, or water which may be pooling in areas.

You may also wish to check the attic for any signs of water intrusion – wet or darkened wood framing or damp insulation, for instance. If you see any signs of water intrusion, you will want to trace it back to the point of origin, so that the damage can be fixed.

An annual professional roof inspection is critical to the longevity of your roof, as it will help to further identify any problems before they become an issue.

The great majority of the time, any issues identified during these frequent checks can be fixed and remediated before they become a larger problem. Missing shingles can be replaced before the underlayment is damaged, or gutters unclogged before the water backs up into the attic.

It’s also important to note that a roof which is weakened over the years by leaks and breaches will have far less longevity than one which has enjoyed proactive roof maintenance. Fixing small problems as you go will always result in a longer lasting, healthier roof.

If you need more information as to how to best ensure that your roof keeps your family safe and dry for decades to come, call the experts at Kingdom Roofing. We will come out and inspect your roof, making any necessary repairs to get you on track.