When installing a new roof, removing the old roofing materials can be messy and time consuming. However, if you have a current asphalt shingle roof and are looking to replace it with similar product, you may have an easier option  to consider – installing new material directly on top of the old surface.

While re-shingling over an existing roof is possible, a few conditions must be met. But first let’s consider why we would want to layer over existing shingle.

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Why Not Remove the Old Roof?

The most obvious reason homeowners choose to leave their old roof intact is that it is more affordable to do so.

By simply applying new roofing shingles over the old shingles, the homeowner can avoid paying the labor costs associated with roof removal. As stated, the roof removal process can also be quite a messy undertaking, and it is just easier to leave the current roof structure alone if possible.

It should also be pointed out that asphalt shingles are a petroleum product which must be disposed of in the proper manner. You cannot simply throw your shingles in the garbage. If you do decide to remove the old shingles, ask your roofing contractor to dispose of the shingles for you.

Can You Just Add a New Layer over Existing Shingle?

There are two conditions which must be present in order for you to safely re-shingle over your current roof.

  • Experts recommend that you never have more than two layers of shingle on your roof. Therefore, if your roof currently has one layer, you are likely safe to re-shingle. However, if there are already two or more layers of shingles on your roof, they old materials should be removed before adding the new layer of materials.
  • You need to be relatively sure that your roof decking is solid and free of mold, moisture or decay. Because you are not removing the old shingles, you will not be able to check on the integrity of the roofing structure. Your roofing contractor can help to inspect the current surface of the roof (as well as the underside of the roof framing) to ensure that there are no telltale signs of damage or erosion.

Can You Re-Shingle Your Own Roof?

Although roofing jobs may seem like a possible DIY project, we urge you to take the following points into consideration.

  • There is no way to re-shingle a roof without getting up onto the roof yourself. If you are not used to being on top of a roof, this can be perilous. You need to carefully navigate the roof slope, making sure to avoid doing do if the roof is wet or moldy. Never attempt to walk on a wet roof as it will be slippery and you may fall off.
  • In addition to safety concerns, your materials warranty may be voided if the roof is not correctly installed. Be sure to pay close attention to the specifications in order to keep your warranty intact.
  • According to city ordinances, all new roofing projects must have a permit. Be sure to obtain a valid permit before beginning the work.

The experts at Kingdom Roofing are happy to come out to your residence to help you inspect your current roof and determine if re-shingling is an option for you. Be sure to call today, as our schedule fills up quickly once the rainy season begins!