With advances in roofing materials and construction methods, your roof longevity of a new installation is now expected to be many decades.

In fact, a new asphalt shingle roof may last up to 30 years or more with proper maintenance, and a clay tile roof is likely to last at least a decade or two longer. The truth is, however, that without proper maintenance and attention to our roof after storms, we may find ourselves dealing with roof problems prematurely.

Here are several actions you can take to maximize your roof longevity and keep your family safe and dry for as long as possible.

roof longevity

Extend Your Roof Longevity

  • Take Stock of the Situation Immediately: Call today for a roof inspection. Although you may not be aware of any problems on your roof, it is not uncommon for a very small, insignificant issue to become a major problem over the course of a stormy summer season. By inspecting your roof prior to the rainy month, you can fix any minor imperfections before they wreak havoc on the condition of your roof. We recommend an annual inspection, with the optimum time for this annual check to be during the dry winter months.
  • Repair any Problems Right Away: A loose tile or a broken shingle is easy to repair – a major roof leak may not be. Take care of any issue which may become a leak, or an area of intrusion, and you won’t have to worry about debris or water infiltrating the small breach during a severe storm. Be sure the roof is sealed and watertight now, before the first deluge when it may be too late. The more damage done to your roof, the less its structural integrity – and the shorter its likely life span.
  • Clear Away Debris and Branches: Too much built up dirt, mold or algae can cause your roofing materials to erode before their time. These problem areas often manifest in shadier areas of your roof, so trimming tree branches back and off the roof is a great way to avoid this premature aging. Tree branches can also cause structural damage to your roof during severe weather, so keeping them as far from your roof as possible is likely to assist in maximizing your roof longevity.
  • Clean Your Roof Gently: Sometimes even the best of intentions can damage your roof. Cleaning with too harsh of a detergent or too powerful a stream of water may cause you to damage or erode your roofing materials before their time. Consult a local Venice roofing contractor if you have any questions regarding cleaning your roof – and don’t ever step on a tile roof! This could do serious damage to your tiles in a short period of time.
  • Ask About a Roof Coating: Some roofing materials can benefit from a roof coating, either to repel water or to reflect harsh sunlight. You may also be able to rejuvenate an asphalt shingle roof’s coating with new granules or marble chips. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor if your roof would benefit from a roof coating in order to increase the roof longevity.

Kingdom Roofing is dedicated to doing all we can not only to install quality new roofing, but to keep your roof in top condition for as long as possible. Although the Venice area has harsh weather and severe conditions sometimes, with some proactive measures you can ensure the maximum life of your roof. We would love to help.