Throughout the year the professionals at Kingdom Roofing help Sarasota and Venice residents to keep their roofs in top condition. Whether inspecting, repairing, or installing, our expert roofing contractors are the best in the business.

And while a sturdy and safe roof is important year-round, it is especially important at this time of year. After all, Santa and his reindeer may need to land up there, and we wouldn’t want any mishaps to occur. In the spirit of Christmas safety, we offer you these tips to ensure a safe landing.

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A Reindeer Ready Roof

Here is what you need to know before Christmas Eve.

Make Sure Your Roof Structure is Sound: For many people who own an older Sarasota home, they may not realize that the roof deck could be in disrepair. Because homeowners often replace roofing materials without looking underneath, the structural support of the roof could be weakening. A roof deck is typically constructed with sheets of plywood which can warp, get moldy, crack, or begin to sag – especially if they are decades old. If you have not checked your roof deck or framing recently, you can call a local roofing contractor to inspect the roof for you. In the meantime, you may be able to see possible damage from the underside of the roof, up in the attic.

Protect Your Roofing Materials: Santa is operating with a bit of magic, so his reindeer are not likely to do too much damage to your roof. But it is important to remember that any walking on the roof could cause damage to roofing tiles and shingles. Even the smallest crack or vulnerability can give rainwater or condensation the ability to permeate your roofing materials. If you decide to climb on the roof to install holiday décor or to hang Christmas lights, be sure to tread lightly, walk on as few tiles as possible, and inspect for damage once you are done. It is also important to note that walking on a roof can be a dangerous prospect, so be sure the roof is dry and clean, and that you are wearing safe, non-slip shoes.

Keep the Runway Clear: No one wants to land a sleigh on a roof cluttered with debris. Be sure that your roof is free of tree limbs, fallen leaves, and any other debris that could damage your roofing tiles. Winter is a great time to inspect your roof and clean the surface, to make sure that there is no mold growing, and that the gutters are cleared out. You will want to make sure that the dry months (November-March) are used to your advantage, as roof repair is easiest during this time of year.

Keep the Chimney Dry: If you have a chimney on your roof, check the flashing around the perimeter. Improperly secured flashing can allow leaks to penetrate around roof penetrations, and no one wants to slide down a damp and moldy chimney. While you are checking, take the opportunity to check the flashing on all parts of your roof. The purpose of metal flashing is to divert water away from the penetration and off the roof, so if not installed correctly, you may be dealing with a leak come spring.

While reindeer pulling a sleigh are not likely to land on in reality, but the points we addressed are still valid. Roof maintenance is an important part of keeping your roof in top condition for decades. Kingdom Roofing is here to help – and while we have your attention, we wish you a very happy holiday season.