Solar roofing systems have gained immense popularity among homeowners looking to embrace eco-friendly and sustainable living. Apart from providing sustainable power to households, these innovative systems also offer numerous benefits in terms of cost savings and impact on the environment. While they work efficiently throughout the year, the summer months bring specific advantages.

Solar Roofing

In this blog post, trusted roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing explains how solar roofing performs in the summer months.

Peak Efficiency of Solar Roofs During the Summer

The sun shines brighter and longer during the summer months, which means solar roofing systems can harness energy from it and achieve peak performance. This happens because the solar panels have photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into electricity. These cells contain semiconductor materials made of silicone, which absorb sunlight and release electrons that generate electrical current. More sunlight means more energy production.

The Benefits of Investing in Solar Roofing Systems

Households with solar roofing systems can expect a boost in energy production during the summer, allowing them to maximize the devices’ electricity generation potential without having to rely solely on the grid. In fact, any surplus solar energy can be stored in batteries that come with these systems. Some get fed back into the grid. This also means homeowners can earn credits via net metering programs set forth by utility companies.

Also, as households use air conditioning systems to keep a cool and comfortable indoor temperature during the summer, the function of solar panels in harnessing the sun’s energy helps in offsetting the energy consumption of these appliances. This leads to lower energy bills and provides relief for the local grid, especially during periods of peak demand.

Kingdom Roofing’s Solar Roofing Solution

As a trusted roofing replacement contractor in Southern Florida, Kingdom Roofing, we offer GAF roofing solutions, including the manufacturer’s integrated solar roofing system. Called Timberline Solar™, it features a low-profile design, with fewer components than standard rack-mounted solar panels. This allows it to harvest the sun’s energy more efficiently.

Also, it is installed directly onto the deck, giving it superior water-shedding capabilities and excellent protection against extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it doesn’t require extensive upkeep. Since it is installed by a certified contractor like us, you won’t have to worry about hiring a separate solar panel contractor for routine maintenance.

To learn more about this exceptional product, or if you’re in need of roof repair services, get in touch with Kingdom Roofing today by calling (941) 217-2411 or filling out our contact form.