Perhaps nothing is a more dreaded find to a homeowner than a roof leak. These leaks are largely hidden, often mysterious in origin, and can indicate big problems – which is precisely why you should never ignore them. A roof leak may not indicate that you need a new roof at this time, but definitely must be investigated due to the havoc water can wreak on your home.

Detecting the source of roof leaks is an important first step, in order to stop the water intrusion from getting any worse. Once the roof has been repaired and the leaking stopped, you’ll want to thoroughly check your home for signs of the tangential damage a roof leak may cause.

Here’s a Tip: Check your roof for signs of visible damage after every major storm, and have a professional perform an annual roof inspection to identify problems before they occur.

roof leaks

Hidden Dangers of Roof Leaks

Mold: Water which has made its way through your walls, saturating wood framing, drywall, and insulation has an insidious side effect in our warm weather – mold growth. Mold can be dissipated throughout your home through vents and air ducts, and may cause irritation, sickness or allergies. Black mold, known to be one of the nastiest mold infestations, has been known to thrive in our South Florida climate, given the right conditions. Therefore, keeping the interior of your home dry is paramount in the fight against mold in this area.

Structural Damage: It is not only the roof that may have suffered damage – if water has intruded into your framing, drywall and even down into your foundation, you may find yourself looking at some major structural damage. These types of problems are generally only present with the most serious of roof leaks, underscoring the need to act immediately if you see a roof leak. Remember, once you see evidence of the leak, it has likely been there for some time.

Fire Hazard: Water generally follows a path of least resistance, and will seek out easy outlets. Lighting fixtures in the ceiling may be vulnerable to water running over wires and through circuits, possibly causing the electrical systems to short out. If you notice an electrical feature acting strangely or the breaker continually tripping, you may wish to shut off the power and investigate.

Interior Damage: From peeling paint to stained ceilings and buckling floors – water damage can cause damage to interior surfaces not accustomed to being damp. This damage is especially prominent in homes utilized for part-time residence, where a drip may be present for months before it is noticed.

Property Damage: Roof leaks in the attic may destroy entire boxes of memories, while those leaks which go undetected my ruin clothing, furniture, or more. Items which are stored are particularly vulnerable, as homeowners may not notice a problem until months later.

Higher Utility Bills: Roof leaks can saturate insulation, and cause it to deteriorate, compress, or erode. Compromised insulation will likely result in less efficient cooling efforts, causing your HVAC to work harder than necessary just to keep your home at the right temperature. Not only can this cost you monthly, but it may also shorten the overall lifespan of your A/C if not addressed.

As you can see, roof leaks should not be taken lightly. If you have notice stains or drips on your ceiling, condensation between window panes, or signs of buckling or peeling – call a roofing contractor immediately.

We will help you to identify the source of the leak, perform any necessary repairs, and assess any damage the leak may have caused. Kingdom Roofing has decades of experiences in roofing and general contracting, making us the best place to call in the Venice area and throughout South Florida.