When it comes to roofing and solar installation, you should hire a contractor that shows and delivers quality results. GAF Energy offers integrated rooftop solar solutions for your home and has installed 2,000 integrated solar roofs in America. GAF-certified roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing discusses GAF Energy and their direct-to-deck solar modules.

Solar Modules

GAF Energy

GAF Energy is an integral part of Standard Industries and the sister company of one of the world’s largest roofing companies, GAF. GAF’s Energy’s latest milestone as of May 2021 is the impressive installation of more than 2,000 integrated solar roofs, beating Tesla. The growing number of homeowners trusting GAF Roofing reflects on the record as more than 1 million new roofs in the United States each year are installed by GAF.

Roofing replacement integrated with solar is in high demand with 11 percent residential solar deployment in the United States in 2019. Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy said, “Our mission is energy from every roof, starting with composite shingle roofs.” Standard Industries is reported to be investing more than $1 billion to develop a new solar roof design that’s expected to launch later in 2021.

Direct-to-Deck Solar Modules

GAF Energy offers direct and cost-effective solar modules. Designed as a smart investment to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the “direct-to-deck” solar modules are directly attached to your roof. From Solaria, GAF Energy uses a 60-cell, 360-watt laminate custom waterproof frame. It’s low profile and can be installed faster than regular solar panels. The direct-to-deck solar modules come with GAF’s reliable warranty service. For a standard kit, you can get 12 panels situated in a four-panel by three-panel layout with 4.2 kilowatts of capacity. The modules are also available in a variety of sizes within 4.2 kilowatts.

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