The roof is an essential part of any residential or commercial structure. That’s why taking proper care of it is key to having a safe and comfortable home or office. Roof rot is one major issue that you should look out for, especially if you have a flat roof. 

Flat Roof Rot: Basic Information and Tips

In this post, roofing replacement expert Kingdom Roofing discusses a few things you should know about flat roof rot.


What Is Roof Rot?


Roof rot is the destructive effect of a specific type of fungus invading and thriving in the roofing system. It grows best in the cramped and hidden areas of your roof that are dark and moist. The fungus can stay dormant for years until exposed to moisture again. It can reproduce fast, releasing more than five million spores each minute. Fungus is most destructive on organic roofing materials, particularly wood.


On flat roofs, rot can settle fast when ponding is left unattended for extended periods. Ponding is typically due to improper sloping of the flat roof. In other cases, drainage problems and compromised roofing membranes can be the primary cause of roof rot. If these issues are apparent or recurring, it is best to call a professional roofing contractor.


Signs of Roof Rot


Below are some of the common signs that indicate flat roof rot:

  • Sagging

  • Water streaking down the interior walls

  • Water stains on the ceiling

  • Discoloration on the fascia below the roofline


Preventing Roof Rot


One of the best ways to prevent roof rot is to have adequate ventilation in your attic. Keep humidity at a normal level, between 40% and 60%. Excessive humidity encourages mold and mildew growth and rot.

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