Your roof provides shelter for your home and your family. But that same sturdy structure which keeps you cool and dry also offers protection to critters of all kinds. From raccoons to carpenter ants, many species have learned to seek refuge in residential roofing structures here in Southwest Florida.

Although we love all elements of nature, we don’t love when these pests move into – or onto – our homes and cause damage or place our loved ones at risk. Here is a rundown of some common roof pests, and what you can do to keep these unwelcome visitors out of your home.

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Common Roof Pests

  • Birds: Birds can harm your roof in two major ways. Aside from being unsanitary, bird droppings are generally acidic and may erode shingles over time. Birds are also known to build nests in gutters, blocking the flow of water and causing drainage issues; as well as under tiles. The most common way to discourage birds from nesting in and around your roof is by placing a decoy, such as an owl. You may also wish to use ultrasonic sounds to scare them away.
  • Carpenter Ants & Termites: Although most Venice area roofs are not made of wood, the framing generally is. Carpenter ants are often attracted to moist wood, so a leaky roof may present the perfect opportunity for infestation. Fixing the leaking roof and then professionally removing the insects is your best remedy. Although there are several species of termite, drywood termites are the most likely to affect Florida homes.
  • Bees and Wasps: Nationwide, bees and wasps are the most common types of roof pests, according to the InterNACHI Home Inspector’s Association. Bees and wasps are universally feared, can obviously sting and cause allergic reactions. But some species can also cause structural damage to roofs or walls as their nests get heavier over time. While there are many DIY ways to rid yourself of wasps, a more serious infestation may require professional assistance.
  • Rodents and Raccoons: Attics and crawl spaces are safe from predators and provide seclusion from humans. Therefore, rats, squirrels and raccoons often choose these areas as nesting sites. These pests look for vulnerabilities in the structure, such as decayed wooden soffits. Once they locate an entry point, they’ll chew through it to get inside your home, and then build a nest for their young. These animals can carry diseases which are harmful to humans – and of course, they often cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your roof structure. These roof pests are most often need to be exterminated in order to rid your home of the threat.

Did You Know? South Florida is quite literally crawling with all of the above pests. But they are quickly losing their natural habitats, and they are finding it harder to remain distant from humans and their homes.

While some of these roof pests are easily seen by homeowners, others successfully hide from sight. Your annual roof inspection is a great opportunity to have a professional look for signs of any type of intrusion; at which time you can call in a professional exterminator.

A healthy roof is warm, dry,  and sheltered from the weather. Although you cannot blame pests for wanting to share this space, it is best for your family’s health and safety that they are removed. If these or any other roof pests have caused any damage to your roof, call Kingdom Roofing for the needed roof repair, and remediation to prevent against their return.