Sustainability is something you should consider when planning a roofing replacement project. One of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint is to go solar. It is worth investing in if you are considering selling your property in the future. Solar roofing can help cut down your monthly utility bills and increase the overall value of your home.  

Read on to discover ways solar roofing can add to your home’s value.

What Is Solar Roofing?

It’s a common misconception that solar roofing can negatively affect your home’s appeal. Today, you can get panels that complement the look of your roof, some products even resemble roofing tiles. These panels come in two types, which are silicon and thin-film panels. Silicon panels are currently the most efficient option you can get. Moreover, you can typically find thin-film panels on solar shingles or solar tiles. While they come at a lower cost, they also tend to be less efficient. 

What Are Your Solar System Options?

Grid-Connected Systems

Popular for its cost-effectiveness and low-maintenance features, grid-connected systems are today’s most preferred solar system option. This type of system lets you power your house with renewable energy when the sun is up. The excess electricity that the system produces returns to the grid. If ever the sun is not shining, the stored electricity from the grid powers your home. It means you won’t need to spend more money on electricity storage devices, such as batteries. To make the most of its benefits, make sure to work with a reliable roofing contractor

Off-Grid Systems

An off-grid solar system does not require a connection to a grid. It is ideal for properties in homes located in remote locations when investing in an off-grid system is more cost-effective than running a power line. With this type of system, you would need other equipment like a charge controller, batteries, power conditioning equipment, safety equipment, instrumentation and meters. 

What Are Its Benefits?

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

Among the biggest benefits of investing in a solar roofing replacement option is lower energy costs. Even if you don’t live in a sunny location, you can still enjoy energy savings. Cloudy areas usually get at least two hours of sunlight a day, while sunny locations receive around five hours of sunlight a day. 

While you can get more energy when it’s sunny outside, solar roofing will keep on drawing energy even during cloudy days. Diffused or indirect sunlight will still help power your home. Cloudy days typically make an estimated 10 to 20 percent of power created on sunny days. 

Get Immediate Savings

As soon as you get solar panels installed, you will immediately save money. It is an investment that will give you long-term savings. Solar roofing can boost the resale value of your home and prolong the life of your roof. It offers an extra layer of protection against harsh outdoor elements and weather conditions. 

They can contribute to the energy efficiency of your home by preventing solar heat from reaching your indoor spaces. Since the panels absorb the heat, they help keep your living spaces at a lower temperature during summer. 

Help the Environment

Are you looking for ways to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and impact the environment? An experienced roofing contractor would always recommend solar panels to people who want a more sustainable home. Solar roofing draws clean energy from the sun, and getting it for your home can help fight greenhouse gas emissions. You won’t also have to depend as much on fossil fuels. 

Conventional electricity sources like coal and natural gas emit harmful gases that contribute to global climate change and pollution. Coal and natural gas plants create air and water pollution, which are harmful to both humans and animals. Fossil fuels harm the environment, and they are a limited resource. It’s why their price constantly changes and can increase in just a short amount of time. 

Going solar or choosing renewable energy sources can help lower premature mortality and health care costs. Solar energy requires very minimal water to operate, meaning it will not harm water resources nor affect the planet’s water supply. Because they don’t need water to produce electricity, they will still function during heatwaves and drought. 

How Can It Increase Your Home’s Value?

Many of today’s property buyers look for sustainable features when checking homes. They find it essential that the house they will buy has energy-efficient components. It means that your property can attract more buyers if it has solar roofing installed. Buyers may also be more interested because they don’t need to make the initial investment for the installation of the panels. 

In a study in the Appraisal Journal, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory said that home value rises by $20 for every $1 reduction on yearly utility bills. It means that if your solar energy system gives you $600 savings yearly, your home will have an additional $10,000 value. 

At Kingdom Roofing, we only work with leading manufacturers to provide you with the best roof replacement and roof repair services. We install GAF Energy solar, which can produce electricity at a lower cost than utility companies. This sustainable roofing system can pay for itself over time through energy savings and government incentives. You can get credit for the solar energy you bring back to the grid, and your panels create more power than you need, resulting in more monthly savings. 

Even if you aren’t selling your home, solar roofing can still save you money by reducing your energy costs. The right solar panels will not only increase your savings but also elevate the look of your humble abode. 

Considering solar roofing for your home? Make the most of your investment by working with an experienced contractor like Kingdom Roofing. You can also count on us for superior residential and commercial roof repair services. Call us at (941) 217-2411 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate.