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4 Red Flags Regarding Roof Condition

No matter the age of your roof, you need to take maintenance seriously. Here is a list of 4 red flags which may indicate your roof needs attention.

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A New Roof for Your Porch

Floridians love the outdoors. Whether a front porch, a covered lanai, or even a sunroom - our secondary structures need roof care as well.

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Beach Roofing Materials

Your home will be exposed to salty air, windy conditions and strong sunshine. You may have wondered - what are the best beach roofing materials for my home?

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Hurricane Roof & Storm Damage

Maintaining a home in Venice means being ready for annual hurricanes and the storm damage they can cause to your property.

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Does Your Roof Condition Affect Sales Price?

You are looking forward to getting top dollar for your property. But did you know that your roof may affect the sales price of your home significantly?

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Preparing for your New Roof Installation

Your new roof installation is coming up - is there anything you can do to prepare for the project to make it easier for your family and neighbors?

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Roof Maintenance Myths

Roof maintenance myths are partly to blame for a wrong understanding of how to care for your roof - and you may inadvertently do damage to your home.

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Commercial Roofing Systems and Hurricane Season

In order to protect your employees and tenants, now is the time to think about preparing your Venice commercial roofing systems for hurricane season.

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Venice Spring Roofing Concerns

Spring roofing concerns typically include those issues which are likely to cause big problems if not fixed before storms and rain exploit any vulnerabilities.

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Venice Roofing Contractors – Is There a Difference?

When it comes time for a new roof installation, or even just a minor repair - you have several local Venice roofing contractors and handymen to choose from.

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