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Can You Have A Roof Decking Repair?

Recognizing the functions of each of your roofing system’s layers is a critical thing to do. Keep in mind that your roof is more than just a covering— its components are specifically designed for a particular purpose. For example, your roof decking. This is located right between the trusses and your shingles. It forms the connecting layer between the two components, and is responsible for anchoring your shingles and the fastening down nails securely.  […]

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Do Solar Roof Panels Heat Up Your Roof?

Whether it’s for residential or commercial roofing, when a company installs solar panels, it is certain that it was done to boost energy efficiency. Solar roofing is known to produce electricity without greenhouse emissions, which makes it an ideal option for those who wish to make their place more sustainable. To understand more about it and to learn whether it heats up your roof, read this article as your guide.  […]

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Does It Makes Sense To Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling It?

It is often said that first impressions last and this statement also makes sense for your property. It can be noted that a home’s curb appeal can help clinch a sale. This means it has to be well-maintained and fully functional and it’s best to have your roof first checked. Homeowners are always urged to make necessary repairs or replacements for this feature and your trusted roofing contractor will explain here why.  […]

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10 Common Roofing Issues and How Your Roofer Can Help You

Your roofing is your home’s strongest shield against harmful elements. It’s best to properly preserve and protect your roof against damage. As a homeowner, maintaining a roof can be stressful without a guide and help from professionals. One of the best ways to avoid roof damage is to learn about its causes. In this article, let’s improve your roofing game and learn ten common roofing issues. Reliable roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing also discusses how they can help you prevent roof damage. […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Install GAF Energy Solar Roof

If you’re about to install a new roof, you should consider investing in GAF Energy solar roof. Solar residential roofing has been gaining popularity with its advantages. It improves your home’s energy performance and helps with the environment. To encourage you to install a solar roof, Kingdom Roofing lists great reasons why you should install a GAF Energy solar roof. […]

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GAF Energy Direct-to-Deck Solar Modules

When it comes to roofing and solar installation, you should hire a contractor that shows and delivers quality results. GAF Energy offers integrated rooftop solar solutions for your home and has installed 2,000 integrated solar roofs in America. GAF-certified roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing discusses GAF Energy and their direct-to-deck solar modules. […]

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Granule Loss as a Sign To Replace Your Roof

Having a few loose granules from your asphalt shingle roof is normal after an adverse weather event. You may find some in your gutter or right outside your home. However, constant and lots of loose granules is alarming. This means that your asphalt shingles are weak or damaged. In most cases, a visit from your roofer can fix your roof. However, how would you know if your asphalt shingle roof needs a replacement and not just a simple repair based on granule loss? In this article, we will be discussing when granule loss is irreparable. Learn when to replace your asphalt shingle roofing based on its granule loss from the professionals of the trusted roofing contractor, Kingdom Roofing. […]

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3 Most Damaging Types of Debris to Your Roof

Debris is one of the most common causes of damage to your roof. To protect your roof from damage, it’s best to learn the different types of roof-damaging debris. In this article, residential roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing shares the three most damaging kinds of debris on your roof you should watch out for. […]

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The Importance of Effective Roof Vents

Your home needs good indoor air quality for a healthy and comfortable living experience. Maintaining good indoor air quality requires an efficient and effective roof ventilation system. Your roof vents play an important role in encouraging airflow inside your home. To help you understand more about the importance of effective roof vents in your home, roofing replacement contractor Kingdom Roofing explains below. […]

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Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Delay a Roof Replacement

A roof that suffered extensive damage should be replaced as soon as possible. If a roof replacement is deliberately delayed, there’s a strong chance roofing damage might affect other parts of your home, turning what should have been a straightforward roof replacement into a more extensive overhaul of your exterior. What are the other issues you may encounter if a roof replacement is deliberately delayed? Kingdom Roofing, your trusted roofing contractor, lists them below: […]

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