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Signs of Poor Roofing Installation

A roof is one of the most important parts of a home. It provides the necessary weather protection and stability to a structure and improves the aesthetic appeal. However, the reliability of a roof depends on the quality of the materials and how they were installed. Even if you have the best materials for your roof, if the workmanship is lacking, then the roof is bound to fail prematurely. […]

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What Usually Happens During a Professional Roof Inspection?

The roof keeps your home structurally sound and offers protection from weather extremes. Keeping it in good shape can help keep your indoor spaces comfortable and prevent increased energy costs. While a roof will not last forever, there are a few simple ways to extend its life. Some of these are routine inspections and maintenance by a dependable roofing contractor. […]

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Why Are Roof Repairs Best Left to Professionals?

You could have the urge to repair what seems to be a small roofing issue yourself, but that’s not a good idea. Regardless of the problem you’re dealing with, let an experienced roofer fix it. Detecting and repairing leaks and other roof damage isn’t as simple as it appears. […]

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Roof Damage From Animals: What You Can Do to Prevent It

Birds, squirrels, mice and bats might be small, but they can cause extensive problems to your roof. These are only some of the many creatures that may be attracted to your property. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to deter these critters from your home. […]

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Roofing Underlayment and How It Benefits Your Home

Your roofing system is more than just the shingles and guttering you see from the curb. It is made up of numerous components that act as the primary defense against the weather. They all work together to keep your interiors dry and safe. However, many homeowners overlook some of the less obvious parts of the roof. One of them is the underlayment. […]

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The Reasons Behind Your Sagging Roof

Does your residential roofing system have a curvy or wavy appearance? It might be sagging. This is a common issue in homes with roofs that haven’t been replaced in a long time. Although a little sagging doesn’t mean that a collapse is imminent, you still need to call a roofing professional. […]

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What Are the Benefits of Integrated Solar Roofing?

Investing in a solar roof is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and even help you save on your monthly energy bills. There are two types of solar roofing that come to mind — traditional and integrated. While the former involves the bulky look of solar panels mounted on top of your roof, the latter offers better curb appeal, provides greater roof protection and is easier to install. […]

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Roofing Surprises That Can Affect Your Budget

Like many major home improvement projects, a roof replacement requires you to prepare for a potential worst-case scenario. As you determine the budget for it, you have to consider the potential of hidden roof damage that your roofer may uncover. Kingdom Roofing shares more insight on these so-called “surprises” that could impact your roofing expenses. […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Asphalt Shingle Blistering

A well-constructed asphalt shingle roof has a consistently flat surface, which runs from the ridge of the roof down to overhangs near the gutters. An uneven appearance, unfortunately, is an indication of a serious problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. One particular issue to watch out for is asphalt shingle blistering. Understanding what causes blistering and how it can be prevented helps in extending the life span of the whole roofing system. Trusted roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing explains everything you need to know about blistering. […]

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Signs Pointing to a Poorly Installed Roofing System

Most roofing contractors are trustworthy, but there are also those who are only interested in making a quick profit and preying on unsuspecting homeowners. They do this by offering prices that are too good to be true but providing shoddy workmanship in return. Unfortunately, working with these unscrupulous roofers always leads to a poorly installed roofing system. You’ll know that this is the case because you can recognize the signs right away. Trusted roofing replacement contractor Kingdom Roofing discusses each of these signs below. […]

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