There are a lot of beautiful places in the country to live, and even a lot of great places in South Florida. But you are one of the lucky ones – you live at the beach. Not just any beach, either. The beaches of Sarasota County are among the most amazing in the world. From finding shark’s teeth and combing for shells, to watching nightly breathtaking sunsets – there is nothing quite like it. If you have a home by the beach – or even a few blocks off of it – you are aware that as beautiful as it can be, the elements can wreak havoc on your home. Knowing that your home will be exposed to salty air, windy conditions and strong sunshine, you may have wondered – what are the best beach roofing materials for my home?

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Best Beach Roofing Materials for your Waterfront Home

Whether you live on Venice Island or Englewood Beach, you know that life is a little bit different out here. Windows can get covered in salty residue and require constant cleaning, landscaping needs to thrive in sandy soil, and your roof is under constant duress. So which beach roofing materials should you consider for your home?

  • Asphalt shingle roofing is durable and long-lasting, and tends to be the most affordable roofing option. The traditional textured grey shingles are great for hiding a lot of dirt and sand, and unless a major storm blows through your roof should last for 30 years with the new variations. However, you will have to keep a close eye on maintenance. Constant moisture and humidity can cause individual tiles to curl up and lose their seal, and they can also crack under persistent sunshine. While many inland homes have trees on the property which shade the roof at least partially, beach houses are often in the sunlight 100% of the time. If you are looking to utilize asphalt shingles, consider finishing with a UV sealant which will protect tiles against UV rays, support the integrity of the roof, and even keep the home a little cooler.
  • Metal roofing is a smart option when looking for beach roofing materials. Although a metal roof may be vulnerable to dents from flying debris in a severe storm, it is tough and resilient. It may dent, but it will protect your home. Metal roofs can last 50 years or more without much more than basic maintenance. Coastal home designs lend themselves well to the lightweight and minimalist look of aluminum; and galvanized steel can extend the life of your roof out to 75 years. (Of course, this is barring what may happen with a direct hurricane hit.) Beach roofing materials made of metal often are coated with zinc, to protect from rust from the moisture and rain. Keep in mind that although the roof may last your entire lifetime, the zinc coating should be reapplied every 15 years or so. One of the best features of metal roofing is how easily water will run off of it, and its reflective properties will work with beach breezes to keep your attic and interior cool.
  • Tile roofing will also work well at the beach, but homeowners should inspect often for mold or algae growth which can flourish in damp ridges. Tile should last you 40 years or more, but because it can crack easily, Venice resident should conduct an annual inspection tp make sure there are no vulnerabilities.

There are two factors more important than which beach roofing materials you choose for your coastal home. The first is to ensure that your roof is built to the most recent hurricane codes for the very best structural protection. The second will guarantee the first – only hire a licensed and insured Venice area roofing contractor to do the work. Kingdom Roofing will guarantee the very best in quality and service, and protect your warranties. Call us today.