Summer is in full swing in the Venice area, and with this season comes a vast amount of wildlife sharing our environment. From manatees drifting past the fishing boat to alligators lounging on the far bank, the animal kingdom often peacefully coexists with residents of this area.

Still, when wildlife decides to move into our home with us, problems arise. Although it is clear how a raccoon or a rat can cause issues, people are less certain about birds. After all, it is kind of nice to come home to see a great blue heron or a tropical ibis perched on top of our roof.  Are birds living on the roof a problem for Venice homeowners? Let’s take a look.

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The Damage Birds Living on the Roof May Cause

It’s not their presence on the roof we are worried about, rather the damage they may cause. Aside from bird droppings, which can be unsightly, do birds really cause any harm to our roof?

Unfortunately, they can. Here are the signs to look out for.

  • Destroying Roofing Material: While a bird is not likely to do much damage to a tile roof, they may tear away at older asphalt shingle for nesting material. Animals of all kinds are known to exploit small gaps or tears in roofing materials in order to gain entry into your home, so even small amounts of damage should be fixed immediately.
  • Taking Up Residence Inside: Some small birds may find points of entry and decide to nest in your attic. There are several problems with this, including the fact that they may amass flammable materials in your roof (such as twigs and leaves) when building a nest., as well as pull on exposed electrical wires thinking they can build with them. Bird droppings in your attic can create a foul odor in the heat and may make you sick in large enough quantities. Birds can also compromise your insulation, using it for nests.
  • Blocking the Gutter System: Gutters are irresistible to birds, as they give them a snug place to place their nest – and also allows them a perfect vantage point to keep an eye out for predators. However, a birds nest in the gutter can cause big problems for a homeowner. if water cannot flow freely through the gutters, it will back up onto the roof and find a path of least resistance to flow downward. If you have any breaches or vulnerabilities on your roof, no matter how small, the water will intrude. Water can also flow over the top of the gutter and down into your beds and along your foundation. This will cause erosion which could become a much bigger issue if left unchecked. There are gutter grates which can be installed to keep birds from blocking the gutters with their nesting materials – and will also help with keeping the system free of all debris.

While birds are less of a problem than other critters which tend to dig large holes, they are nonetheless a nuisance. You will want to make sure that any points of entry on your roof, no matter how small, have some form of one-way exclusion doors or coverings. Routinely check your gutters for birds nests, especially if you see the same birds perched on your roof often. Remember, even if they do not cause major issues, their small amounts of damage may give a larger rodent or mammal the breach they need to access your attic or garage.

One of the best ways to make sure that your home doesn’t have unwanted animal or bird visitors is to schedule a roof inspection.

Kingdom Roofing can take care of any minor roof repair before these small issues become a major problem. Give us a call today – we’ve been helping Venice, North Port and Englewood homeowners stay safe and dry for decades.