Solar technology has become more accessible to homeowners, making it easier for people to switch to renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint. There are different types of solar technology that you can incorporate into your home, and one of these is integrated solar panels.

 Integrated Solar Panels

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What Are Integrated Solar Panels?

Integrated solar panels look similar to the solar panels you’ve seen installed on top of roofs and other structures. But instead of being placed on top of the roof tiles or shingles, integrated solar panels are built into the roofing system itself. The roof tiles are removed, allowing the integrated solar panels to be embedded.

Also called in-roof solar panels, integrated solar panels are designed to work just like roof tiles. They provide the necessary protection from the elements and are completely waterproof. However, they have the added benefit of the photovoltaic cells, which absorb sunlight to generate electricity that can power your home.

Integrated solar panels can be fitted onto one section of your roof, but there are ways for a skilled roofing contractor to fit your whole roofing system with this technology and still have the same level of protection you would expect from a normal roof.

Benefits of Installing Integrated Solar Panels

Aside from the energy savings you’ll get from installing these panels, there are numerous benefits to having them on your roof instead of the older types of solar panels:

  • Enhanced Appeal – Unlike on-roof solar panels, integrated solar panels don’t look like they’ve been forcefully tacked onto your roof. Their seamless integration into your home’s roofing system enables a snug fit and a sleek look that suits modern homes.

  • Light Weight – On-roof solar panels require mounting frames built on top of your tiles or shingles to help your roof bear the additional weight. Integrated solar panels, on the other hand, don’t require extra support as they act as the tiles or shingles themselves.

  • Cheaper Cost – When they first came out, integrated solar panels had a heftier price tag than on-roof solar panels. But as the technology became more popular and more manufacturers started offering in-roof solar panels, the costs have lowered significantly. Integrated solar panels are also usually cheaper than a complete solar roof replacement.

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