Because a new roofing system is a huge investment, you’ll want to make sure you get the most of its life and performance. But in some cases, a new roof will develop a leak much sooner than what you would expect. So what are your next steps if this happens to you? Kingdom Roofing, the trusted roofing contractor in the area, has got you covered with this handy action plan:

  1. Stay calm. It’s a bit too easy to blow your top once you discover a leak with your newly installed roof–but you should try to stay calm. This means no threatening or accusatory phone calls to the contractor who has done the work–it may not be their fault this has occurred. A leak can become a serious problem, sure, but only when it’s left unattended for a long time. For this reason, remain composed and promptly tell the contractor about the issue.

  2. Expect the roof leak to be fixed. Speedy roof repair services can effectively deal with a leaky new roof, ensuring that it can continue delivering the lasting weather performance you expect. Call the contractor and express your confidence that they’re going to make things right. It’s generally a good idea to speak with the person you’ve been dealing with up to this point because you have already established rapport during the course of the roof installation project.

  3. Be factual about the roofing issue. This means providing an objective description of the problem. Don’t exaggerate. If it’s only that one small leak in the living room, for instance, then it can be mitigated swiftly and with minimum fuss. Additionally, make sure to give the contractor a realistic time frame (at least one week will do) to correct the problem.

Of course, it would be better not to have to use this action plan at all. That’s why, when investing in roofing replacement, make sure to work only with a trusted roofing company like Kingdom Roofing. We always stand behind our work, ensuring only timely and superior workmanship backed by vast industry experience. When you choose us for the job, expect it to be completed perfectly right the first time. We serve all areas in South Florida, including Venice, FL. Call us today at (941) 263-8699 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.